Intel retires the Celeron and Pentium processor line


Intel Celeron and Pentium chipsets have been in lower-end budget systems since the 90s. But according to Intel, they’ll be retiring both processor brands starting in Q1 of 2023. The company is looking to “simplify” the current lineup of processors they produce.

While Celeron and Pentium will now be under the “Intel Processor” brand name, Intel’s Core, Evo, and VPro will continue to live on and be the main focus. The “Intel Processor” will deliver a brand name across multiple processor families; it will help simplify the shopping experience for consumers. Intel also expresses that there will be no change in the company’s current product offerings and roadmap. However, there is no word on how the current Celeron and Pentium desktop chips will be handled.

Josh Newman, Intel vice president, and interim general manager of Mobile Client Platforms has this to say:

“Whether for work or play, the importance of the PC has only become more apparent as the torrid pace of technological development continues to shape the world. Intel is committed to driving innovation to benefit users, and our entry-level processor families have been crucial for raising the PC standard across all price points. The new Intel Processor branding will simplify our offerings so users can focus on choosing the right processor for their needs.”

While the new brand name could make it easier for consumers looking for a budget notebook, it may not have made that much of a difference if you don’t have any worries about specs.

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