Apple confirms it will make a USB-C iPhone to comply with EU laws

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The USB-C iPhone is something we knew would eventually be a reality, but we weren’t sure when it would come. Now that new European Union laws are forcing tech companies to make USB-C the standard for charging, Apple is confirming it will comply with the law, and we should see a USB-C iPhone soon.

There’s an excellent argument about the slippery slope created when allowing governments to dictate how technology is implemented. While I firmly believe that Apple should make a USB-C iPhone, a government push may not have been the best choice. It opens the path to other areas governments can stick their feet into, but I digress.

Apple executive Greg Joswiak spoke to Joanna Stern at WSJ Tech Live and addressed the issue, making some good arguments for Apple’s case. It is evident that Apple disagrees with the European Union’s law here, but they have little choice but to comply with it, affecting the rest of the world.

Joswiak did not confirm that a USB-C iPhone would make it outside the European Union, so there is a possibility that we will have two connectors for different regions. We concluded that it would cost Apple more money to produce two different iPhones with two different connectors.

Apple would also lose revenue from its Lightning licensing with accessory makers such as Belkin and countless others. So it is possible that they make two connectors and then increase the licensing fees for Lightning accessory makers, which would pass the cost on to the consumer. Only time will tell.

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