Ampere’s Dusk sunglasses have built-in audio and adjustable tint


Dusk sunglasses are a new and interesting flavor of smart glasses that have popped up in the tech space. Smart glasses have been an ongoing tech project for many companies, including Google. Google Glass attempted to put a screen and computer on your face, but since Glass’s epic failure, projects like Dusk sunglasses have taken their place.

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Dusk sunglasses take a different approach, which isn’t entirely new either. Ampere, the company responsible for Dusk sunglasses, has integrated an audio experience with the ability to change the tint of the sunglasses. The company uses Electrochromic lenses and app connectivity to achieve the ability to change the shade on the lenses.

The company has been selling these sunglasses for at least the past year, but we caught wind of it only recently. Here’s the rundown of the Dusk sunglasses specifications:

  • Battery:
    • 110 mAh battery capacity
    • Battery life: 7 days of paired tint adjustment, 4 hours of listening
    • Battery charging time: Charge 80% in 15 minutes, 100% in 45 minutes
    • Battery charging method: Custom pogo pin cable or the Dusk wireless charging case
  • Other Technical:
    • Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
    • 2x speakers with 20-20,000Hz frequency
    • 2x MEMS digital microphone
    • LED charging and pairing indicators
    • 2m braided USB-C to Pogo Pin power cable
  • Materials:
    • Frames: TR-90 nylon with IPX4 water-resistant rating
    • Lenses: Shatter and scratch-resistant polarized TAC,
    • Carrying case: Soft neoprene
  • Dimensions and Weight
    • 166mm x 141mm x 18mm (arm length, temple-to-temple width, frame height)
    • 0.9 oz / 26 grams

The Dusk sunglasses allow you to take phone calls, listen to music, use Siri, and keep the sun out of your eyes. It’s an interesting piece of tech and will cost potential buyers US$299 for the full version with the audio or US$199 for the version with only tinting ability. Find out more at Ampere’s website.

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