Tesla recalls 40,000 vehicles for power steering issues


Tesla recalls there have been plenty this year, as the latest marks the company’s 17th. According to Yahoo, Tesla recalls affected 3.4 million vehicles so far, and 2022 Tesla recalls are up from last year’s recalls of 11.

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This 17th recall is hitting 40,000 Tesla vehicles, and the culprit is a power steering issue that could cause loss of power to the steering. The problem is amplified when driving on rough roads or hitting a pothole. Loss of power steering can make the vehicle difficult to steer and move. Since modern cars have had power steering for years, you can imagine someone not used to not having it could have difficulty controlling the vehicle.

While it is possible to steer the car without a power steering assist, it’s also dangerous to abruptly not have that feature. I’m old enough to remember driving a few cars without power steering as my father often purchased older 60s and 70s vehicles without it.

According to Lifehacker, the problem with the power steering started with a software update to the power steering systems. Tesla has already rolled out a firmware update that should fix the problem, so you will want to determine if your vehicle is affected.

According to Lifehacker, “There have been 314 vehicle alerts issued in the U.S. that may relate to the vehicle for the Model S and Model X vehicles from 2017 to 2021. Tesla will send owners affected by the recall notices by mail on December 31, 2022.”

The good news is that there have been no official injuries or reports, but you might be quick and find out if you’re one of the ones on the recall.

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