[UPDATED] Twitter rolls out “Official” checkmark, confusing everyone


Twitter has been a rollercoaster since Elon Musk purchased the company and took it off the stock market and into private ownership. The vocal political accounts from both sides have been barking and bickering about the situation since even before the deal was sealed.

UPDATE: Twitter has pulled back this feature without explanation. We will update you if we get clarification.

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One of the more extensive discussions has been around the famous Twitter blue verification checkmark. Musk decided to extend the blue checkmark to anyone via the company’s Twitter Blue program. This would give any user the ability to have a blue verification checkmark alongside the benefits that Twitter Blue affords. Musk also announced additional features with Blue, including revenue share with content creators.

But many users were worried that extending the verification badge to everyone could result in confusion when it comes to the official accounts of prominent users and brands. Part of the job of the blue checkmark was to indicate that the user or brand had been vetted by the company and deemed to be legitimate.

In answer to the problem, Esther Crawford of Twitter’s Early Stage Products team tweeted a new “Official” checkmark to distinguish between Blue users and verified accounts. The result is that verified accounts will have a grey checkmark marked “Official.” Crawford goes on to say that not all previously verified accounts will receive the new checkmark, and it is not available for purchase.

This new move has dumbfounded more than a few users on Twitter, as the original blue checkmark was already in place precisely for this purpose.

It will be interesting to see how all of this is sorted out. We get that Twitter Blue has some benefits that the company wants to charge for. But why not just make it that and leave the blue check out of the equation? I guess we will soon see what Musk’s idea around this is. Perhaps we are missing something here?

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