Six fascinating innovations in survival tech


They call it the great outdoors for a reason — nature is a beautiful place to connect with the planet and how your ancestors lived centuries ago. Some people like to use limited or zero technology in the woods. However, there are many great tools out there that could be the difference between life and death in some survival scenarios. Use this list for six fascinating innovations in survival tech.

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1. Military Watch

The armed forces have been using military watches for decades. These devices do more than keep time — they can save a life if necessary. Outdoor enthusiasts love military watches because of their durability and ability to aid in various purposes.

One brand with these advanced timekeepers is Smilkat, with its 23-in-1 military digital watch. The 23 comes from the number of functions it can perform. For example, the watch has a parachute cord that can lift any person or object up to 250 pounds and stretch up to 10 feet. You can also use it for trapping animals or building a shelter. The only drawback is how bulky the watch can feel on your wrists, but the features are too good to pass up.

2. MagBar

In the woods, what is the most critical starting point for survival? Some say building a fire. You need fire for many tasks, such as staying warm when the temperatures drop. It’s also essential for cooking food, purifying water, and creating a signal for rescuers. Starting a fire can be challenging, but devices like a MagBar make the job much easier.

As the name suggests, a MagBar is a bar of magnesium. This element can start a blazing fire in a matter of minutes. First, shave pieces of magnesium off the bar and surround them with your tinder. Then, strike the flint and get the fire going. Magnesium is beneficial because it can start a fire even if your kindling is wet. MagBars are convenient because they’re lightweight and can fit on a keychain.

3. Electric Camp Stove

Another handy piece of survival tech is an electric camp stove. This device allows you to cook food and boil water in less time than it takes on the fire. But what if you took it a step further? Some modern camp stoves can generate electricity and consume it for cooking and boiling.

For example, BioLite has a camp stove that runs off its own power and can charge your electronic devices while cooking. But how does it work?

The device has a stove you feed with twigs and sticks, so you don’t have to add fuel. It generates heat that its battery absorbs and converts into electricity through its generator. It’ll come in handy if your phone is almost dead and you need it for an emergency.

4. Bulletproof Backpack

Survival is more than enduring the outdoor elements. Sometimes, dire situations require you to fend for safety in the city streets. You’ll need protection from whatever comes flying your way — especially bullets. You can buy body armor like vests or plates, but if you need to protect essential items, you need a bulletproof backpack.

Bulletproof backpacks are terrific survival equipment because they absorb gunfire and add extra protection if you’re wearing a body plate. Law enforcement or military personnel wear them while on duty in the streets. If you need one of these backpacks, there are a few things to consider, such as the level of protection.

The protection from a bulletproof backpack comes from the plate inserted inside. The National Institute of Justice — a part of the Department of Justice — has standards for these armor plates, so you can determine what makes the most sense.

For example, the lowest level is IIA, protecting you from 9mm and .40 S&W ammo. The highest level is IV, which can defend from .30 cal ammo. Lighter armor gives you maneuverability, but more substantial plates can protect against rifles and are more resilient to melee attacks.

5. Solar Lantern

Devices that can generate power are practical when you’re in the woods. Today’s survival tech does a much better job of using one of the most sustainable energy sources in the universe — the sun. Solar-powered technology has developed in the last few years and provided numerous gadgets for excellent survival tech.

One of the best innovations in survival tech is a solar-powered lantern. These beacons don’t need any batteries, fuel, or a plug-in. All you have to do is leave it in the sun during the day to charge. By nighttime, turning on the lantern gives you illumination throughout the dark hours. Many solar-powered lanterns on the market are waterproof, lightweight, and have long-lasting LEDs.

6. Solar Shower Bag

Camping in the woods typically means you don’t have access to your regular shower at home. You’re unlikely to find anywhere to wash up nearby unless you’re at a campground with the proper facilities. But what if you could bring your shower with you wherever you go in the woods? Solar shower bags make that possible.

Solar shower bags are a terrific way to maintain your hygiene even when you’re 100 miles away from the nearest bathroom. These bags absorb energy from the sun and use it to heat the water you put inside them. Manufacturers typically build them from PVC, ensuring durability in the woods. Most bags require you to hang them high, such as from a tree branch. Some use a battery pack, but others rely solely on the sun.

Surviving with Innovative Tech

Preparedness is essential when spending time outdoors. Even those who want minimal technology should bring along a few tools if push comes to shove. Today’s survival tech allows you to connect with nature and practice sustainability with solar-powered gadgets. Use this list of six innovations before going on your next outdoor adventure.

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