[CES 2023] Samsung Display OLED earns highest 2,000 nit luminance mark on a smartphone

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Samsung Display announced today at CES 2023 that its smartphone OLED panel became the first in the industry to achieve the highest 2,000 nit luminance verification, the UDR (Ultra Dynamic Range) mark, granted by UL Solutions, a global safety science company.

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The company earned both UDR 1,500 and UDR 2,000 marks for its smartphone OLED display. As the UDR mark indicates the brightness excellence of a panel, Samsung Display’s OLED display, which acquires this mark, proves that it has been verified by a leading global verification company for its ultra-high-brightness capabilities, up to 1,500 or 2,000 nits, respectively.

With ultra-high-definition content on the rise, a screen’s brightness range and ability to sustain it has become one of the key performance metrics for displays. Samsung Display’s high-brightness products show more realistic quality with a rich color expression that adds to the user’s enjoyment.

[CES 2023] Samsung Display OLED earns highest 2,000 nit luminance mark on a smartphone

In addition, the brightness of a smartphone screen is more important than the brightness of TVs, monitors, and laptops because smartphones are frequently used outdoors as well as indoors. For better screen visibility on smartphones when used under daylight conditions, Samsung Display improved display brightness while maintaining the efficiency of power consumption and organic material.

“The brightness of a display is a factor that has a great influence on the consumer experience of smartphone image quality and performance,” said Hojung Lee, Head of the Product Planning Team for the Small and Medium-sized Display Division at Samsung Display. “With its distinctive technology and business experience in the OLED field, Samsung Display will continue to lead the market with differentiated products based on consumer-oriented technology.”

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