Baidu plans to launch a ChatGPT competitor bot in March


OpenAI’s online artificial intelligence program, ChatGPT, has become the buzz of the internet as of late. ChatGPT has been tested and played with for weeks now. This new artificial intelligence can do impressive things, such as searching the internet for answers without returning ads and irrelevant information. It can even write code and, more dubiously, essays and papers.

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ChatGPT is being used for many things, and now Chinese search giant Baidu wants in on the action. Baidu is planning to launch its own AI chatbot in March. Baidu’s version will be a standalone application that will eventually be assimilated into the company’s search engine. Reuters says this information comes from their source, who declined to be identified due to the confidential news.

ChatGPT, and other AIs like it, learn quickly by filtering and learning from a trove of data points, but they also know and adapt to human response. As humans interact with it, they learn how to react and respond the way humans would respond and react. Unlike ChatGPT, for now, Baidu’s AI will be incorporated into search results giving users a mix of links and AI responses. Baidu declined Reuters’ request for comment.

Baidu plans to launch a ChatGPT competitor bot in March chat bot AI

Integration of ChatGPT into an existing search engine isn’t on the table as of now. But you can bet that Google, the largest search engine in the world, is watching developments. We could see them, if it suits their needs, acquiring the service and following Baidu’s lead. Though, that may be tough as Microsoft has already invested 1 billion dollars into the service. It will be interesting to see where OpenAI ends up landing with its AI chatbot.

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