Combine biophilic design with modern tech: Five fascinating examples


The marriage of nature and technology creates a happy medium for humans who can’t see themselves living without either. Being in nature can relieve stress and lower your blood pressure, which benefits your body in more ways than one. At the same time, people need connection with others. Those who don’t might become lonely and see their quality of life slip. That’s why finding a balance between nature, and technology is crucial to living a fulfilled life, and biophilic design could help.

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Biophilic design is great for people who want to get back in touch with nature. It subscribes to the idea that humans are meant to be close to the natural world, so the home’s earthy tones and soothing elements can put them more at ease. This interior design style leans more toward natural shapes and patterns than artificial ones.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate biophilic design into your home’s interior while staying modern and using your favorite technology.

1. Add Water Filtration

One of the best changes you can make for the benefit of the environment is to do away with all those single-use plastic bottles. Drinking from a water filter in the fridge is great, but it can be stressful to remember when to fill it up, especially if others in your household never do it. Water can have contaminants, but not every filter can remove all the things you’re concerned about, so make sure to choose wisely.

Some more modern sinks come with an option for filtered water straight from the tap. In this case, the filter is installed in the hardware. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to remodel their whole kitchen. However, you can get a filter that attaches to your tap and filters water as it comes from the faucet. While it might look a little clunky, it still counts as a biophilic design, as you’re using more natural resources for water rather than drinking from a bottle and supporting single-use plastics.

2. Let the Sunlight In

There are several ways people can feel in touch with nature in their homes, but none are as important as letting the sunshine in. Sunlight offers vitamin D and promotes physical and mental health. You should always try to incorporate a safe amount of sun into your daily life.

Try switching to dynamic glass instead of using standard window coverings. This technology protects you and your interior from harsh UV rays while allowing natural light and solar heat inside. It’s a great option for people who love the look of open windows and enjoy natural sunlight. You won’t need to use blinds or curtains unless you want to for privacy or to block out light.

Combine biophilic design with modern tech: Five fascinating examples

3. Use Natural Elements in Technology

You need to rely on more natural materials to bring out your home’s inner beauty and fully lean into the biophilic interior design style. Materials like wood and stone can add a mysterious flair while leaning into the natural elements you love, making them perfect options for flooring or furniture. Try mixing and matching until you develop a style for a room entirely your own.

The best way to use these materials is to ensure natural resources are sourced ethically and responsibly without causing harm to the environment. You can implement them around your home by building a mantle around a gas or electric fireplace. Incorporating technology into important areas of your life means using any natural item. In the case of a fireplace with electric flames, you don’t need to look for fire-resistant materials — you can use whatever you want.

4. Choose the Right Colors

Colors are essential to biophilic design. Earthy tones like browns and greens are the best way to bring the natural world into your home while leaning into pops of bright color you’d see in nature, like reds and yellows. One of the best ways to incorporate technology into a nature-friendly home is by playing with light sources — which can even make the paint colors on your wall look slightly different, depending on your chosen lighting.

One of the greatest ways to implement colorful technology in a biophilic way is to rely on lights that can cycle through certain settings according to your circadian rhythm. They will cycle through cool and warm whites and other colors that can influence your mood or cast a bright, cheerful glow on one of your walls. That way, if your schedule looks a little different from usual, you can rely on this light to maintain a consistent waking and sleeping schedule.

5. Bring in Plants

Want more nature inside your home? Start taking care of plants. They can help increase your concentration and relieve some of your stress just by looking at them.

You can bring nature into your house without occupying as much space as a garden. Hydroponic or aeroponic plants grow without using soil, which means they can grow vertically and save space while decreasing your carbon footprint. A wall of plants could be great for your home’s exterior, as they can bring in some shade and break up the monotony of artificial space.

Consider incorporating a plant wall inside your home as well. It should ideally have watering technology to keep the plants alive and thriving. You can reap all the benefits, like sound absorption and a natural air purifier. Though it might take quite a bit of upkeep, installing a living wall in your home can benefit you.

Coexist With Tech and Nature

Many people think of technology and nature as complete opposites — you usually lean into one to get away from the other. However, they don’t need to be mutually exclusive. You can allow the two to coexist in your home, where they can work together to benefit your household, help you feel more at ease, and improve your life.

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