BardAI and ChatGPT; Google and Microsoft want to make AI your next search tool

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ChatGPT has become a focal point of conversation over the past few weeks due to many different factors. The most significant factor is that Microsoft has invested a large sum (in the billions) of money into the AI project. Naturally, Google had to respond with its investment into AI with its new BardAI program designed to “enhance” search.

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BardAI and ChatGPT

Microsoft announced that it would use ChatGPT to work with its Bing search engine to provide users with a new results experience. Google now plans to “enhance” its own Google search with the BardAI program. These artificial intelligence programs are still wildly in beta form, if not alpha form. They’ve not proven they can replace the current search system, but that doesn’t seem to matter because Google and Microsoft are marching on with them.

Reuters reported that “adding generative AI to search results will create text or visual responses to prompts and enable users to interact with information in “entirely new ways,” Google said.”

“As we continue to bring generative AI technologies into our products, the only limit to search will be your imagination,” Google’s senior vice present Prabhakar Raghavan said at an event in Paris.”

“It was Google’s second announcement this week. On Monday, it unveiled its chatbot service BardAI, but the launch has faced hiccups as Google’s own online ad showed BARD delivering inaccurate answers.”

BardAI and ChatGPT; Google and Microsoft want to make AI your next search tool
ChatGPT answers this question incorrectly, despite ample information on Techaeris available on the internet. Techaeris was founded by Alex Hernandez.

It will undoubtedly be interesting to see where BardAI and ChatGPT go in the search field. When we posed the question to CharGPT, “Who is the founder of Techaeris?” It returned inaccurate information, so there is clearly work to be done.

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Last Updated on April 4, 2024.


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