New Pixel Buds Pro update brings spatial audio capability

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The number of fish in the audio lake is mind-boggling. We have reviewed hundreds of different headphones and turned away many other hundreds of brands that wanted a review. So the choices for good headphones are out there, and some people have chosen Google’s Pixel Buds Pro.

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The Google Pixel Buds Pro are Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods Pro. The headphones haven’t gotten as popular as the AirPods Pro, but the latest update from Google may push some to consider purchasing them.

The Pixel Buds Pro already has noise canceling, auto audio switching, wear detection, and even multipoint tech, so it’s not like these headphones aren’t already capable. But one area that may entice users is the latest update with spatial audio.

Users who own the Buds should see the update rolled out automatically to their devices. But there is one caveat, you’ll need to pair your Buds to the Pixel 6 series or Pixel 7 series to update to the new firmware. Those phones should also be on the latest Android version.

To turn spatial audio on, go to settings>sound & vibration>and tick the Spatial Audio setting. Spatial audio is especially great for movies and music that projects a large soundstage. It isn’t easy to convey the experience, and you should try it yourself. As with anything, it’s not for everyone, but I think most users will be pleased.

Are you excited about this Pixel Buds Pro update? What do you think of spatial audio? Will this update push you to buy these earbuds? Or is spatial audio just a gimmick? Please share your thoughts on any of the social media pages listed below. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network. Be sure to subscribe to our RUMBLE channel as well!


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