Latest Razer mouse mat crafted from premium tempered glass

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For gamers looking to up their game, the Razer Atlas is a premium tempered glass mouse mat, designed to “elevate gaming experiences”. Catering to the needs of gamers who demand quick flicks and consistent swipes, it is the company’s first glass mouse pad.

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Depending on the type of gamer you are, speed and accuracy are a must — especially for first-person shooters. The Razer Atlas has micro-etched textures on its ultra-smoot surface, allowing optical sensors in gaming mice to “detect textures accurately for a precise gaming experience.” The glass portion of the mouse mat sits on a fully covered anti-slip rubber base.

The Razer Atlas tempered glass mouse mat has a micro-etched surface optimized for optical sensors
The Razer Atlas tempered glass mouse mat has a micro-etched surface optimized for optical sensors.

Razer goes on to say that the glass mouse pad has been meticulously crafted with premium tempered glass, the Razer Atlas is built to last, ensuring durability and longevity. The scratch-resistant surface repels dirt and dust, ensuring it stays clean through even the most intense gaming sessions. Thanks to its low-maintenance nature, the mat can be easily cleaned with a warm damp cloth to ensure it stays in a pristine state at all times. The Razer Atlas is also available in two color options, Black and White, allowing gamers to choose the color that best suits their setup for a premium, clean aesthetic. 

The Razer Atlas glass mouse pad is now available on and other retailers like Amazon for $99.99.

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