Once again, Google kills Google Glass


I’m sure we can all recall Google Glass—the strangely shaped headset with a built-in camera and HUD. The cost was $1500, and “glasshole” was an actual noun. It’s difficult for me to forget those times because I am one of the fans who still have theirs in the box (somewhere)—enough nostalgia.

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Google Glass was dropped back in 2015, to which Google then unveiled Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in 2019, two years after the first rendition of the Enterprise Edition wearable. Now, only a few years, this headset model is already being retired.

Wearable sales stopped two days ago, March 15 of this year, although support will be available until September 15, 2023. Google also notes that there won’t be any more software upgrades and that the deadline for replacing broken devices—September 15—will be the end of support. The good news, if you can call it that, is that businesses that plan to continue utilizing the headset can do so with the current software. The announcement FAQ is available here.

Once again, Google kills Google Glass
The OG

The company’s decision to terminate Glass Enterprise Edition 2 may be related to the announcement of layoffs affecting around 12,000 employees. Microsoft is in the same situation as it, having just cut staff in its mixed-reality division.

Sure, Google hasn’t made any announcements regarding the release of new augmented reality (AR) headsets or eyewear. Still, given that Apple and Meta have released new products, including their first for Apple, it’s just a matter of time until Google follows suit.

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