Voice cloning AI tools are the new weapon being used by phone scammers


Voice cloning is one of the latest tricks available through artificial intelligence (AI) engines, and it’s both fantastic and scary. Fantastic because it’s yet another measure of how far we can go with technology; scary because with new technology comes new ways criminals can use it for unsavory reasons.

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Voice cloning AI tools are now available online, and you mostly see the results in deep fake videos of celebrities. But while those videos are meant to be fun, the way some scammers use voice cloning AI tools is far less funny.

Voice cloning tools create an artificial simulation of a person’s voice by taking as little as a 30-second sample of the target voice. Scammers do this by calling their target and recording their voices. Other ways of lifting a person’s voice are social media video posts and YouTube or Rumble videos posted online.

Once the scammer has the voice and clones it, they create a message using the voice and call the targets family members requesting money transfers or wires and even passwords to sensitive accounts. Those who are not tech-savvy or up-to-date on the current news are most vulnerable. The best way to protect against this scam is not to answer calls from unidentified numbers.

AI tools are going through an interesting phase right now. The excitement surrounding AI is both positive and negative, and it will be interesting to see how AI developers make the technology more secure. You can read more on this story at Fox News.

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