OpenAI is facing a block of ChatGPT in Italy over data and privacy concerns


You cannot browse the web or social media right now and not find articles about OpenAI and its creation ChatGPT. The articles are a mix of pro and against artificial intelligence, and even Elon Musk has chimed in on that debate; read more here. Now, Italy is getting in on the AI conversation and may block access to ChatGPT in their country.

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Italy’s Privacy Guarantor is ordering ChatGPT to be blocked, citing concerns that OpenAI is violating the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. The GDPR was made an EU law in 2018 and is meant to protect the data and privacy of EU residents. It has been a bit controversial, with its fair share of supporters and detractors.

Italy’s regulators claim that OpenAI has no legal basis for collecting data to train the ChatGPT model. Italian officials expressed concern about last week’s sensitive user data leak to make their point. They also claim that OpenAI is not doing enough to protect children from seeing unsuitable content.

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The Guarantor is giving OpenAI 20 days to outline how it will address the issues. If the company doesn’t comply, it faces a fine of up to €20 million (about $21.8 million US) or a maximum four percent of its annual worldwide turnover.


The AI conversation is just getting started, and we suspect there will be a fair amount of pushback from other governments and officials on the technology. Who will win the debate is up in the air, and for now, it seems there is no stopping AIs such as ChatGPT and BardAI. Read more of Italy’s concerns here.

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