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YouTube Premium has been available for some time. If you’re constantly watching YouTube, this is a fantastic service. Over and above YouTube, some features subscribers get include an ad-free experience, offline and background play, and uninterrupted music. YouTube is introducing five new features for current and new Premium subscribers.

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The first new feature gives users more control over their queue on smartphones and tablets. In layman’s terms, you can rearrange the videos in your queue to your liking. For those who have never used this feature before, you can select “add to queue” by clicking on “more” next to the video.

The ability to watch YouTube videos together on Android and iOS is the next feature. Premium members on Android can hold calls with anyone, even if they are not Premium members, and watch videos through Meet Live. In the future, iOS users will be able to stream videos on FaceTime using SharePlay.

The final three features coming to YouTube Premium include the ability to return to YouTube across multiple devices, an offline experience, and improved video quality for iOS users. The remaining features are self-explanatory, such as the ability to continue watching a YouTube video on one mobile device and then switch to the web or an iOS device. In terms of offline viewing, YouTube will introduce “Smart Downloads,” which will allow you to watch recommended videos from your library while offline, such as on a flight. The best feature of the five is probably the improved video quality for iOS users. YouTube will begin rolling out higher bitrate 1080p videos in the coming weeks. The 1080p quality will remain an option, but the enhanced version will be more crisp and clear.

It’s a pretty cool perk as these features start to roll out to Premium users. However, these features do not appear to be particularly “new” to me. I’ve had Premium for a while now, and I’ve seen Smart Downloads and Continue Watching before.

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