Biofire Tech prepares its new smart gun for sale in the US


Biometric firearms are not a new idea; firearms have utilized fingerprint unlock in the past. But Biofire Tech is promoting a new smart gun that operates off facial recognition. The new Biofire Tech smart gun can supposedly only be fired by verified users whose faces are registered in the facial recognition software.

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Reuters was allowed to witness the new Biofire Tech smart gun in action, and according to them, the company’s latest prototype failed to fire twice during the demo. Biofire Tech blamed the mechanical parts of the smart gun, citing it was assembled from prototype and pre-production parts. Reuters did say that the firearm functioned as intended in other parts of the demo.

Biofire Tech’s new firearm also carries a fingerprint sensor which locks the trigger and keeps unwanted users from firing the weapon. The fingerprint sensor lockout is effective in many cases but not entirely without flaws.

Biofire Tech’s new 9mm firearm could be ready to ship (to pre-order customers) by the fourth quarter of this year. The “standard” model may be available by the second quarter of 2024, costing $1,499. Reuters said, “That could make it the first commercially available smart gun in the U.S. since the Armatix briefly went on sale in 2014.”

Chief Executive Kai Kloepfer said, “I’ve not just built a product, but an entire company around: How do we build an extremely reliable product that will always unlock for you anytime that you pick it up, and will never unlock when your kid finds it.”

The smart gun is most likely here to stay, there may be hurdles to jump in making it as usable and effective as possible, but that’s true of any new product.

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Last Updated on April 23, 2023.


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