Ex-Google engineer says the company is trying to make Bard AI “safe and responsible”

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AI news seems to be all anyone can talk about these days, as ChatGPT, Bard AI, and others have hit the mainstream. Usually, these types of conversations are kept within a circle of tech geeks passionate about the technology being discussed. But ChatGPT broke into the mainstream discussion, and techies and normies are weighing in.

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Much conversation has been swirling around ChatGPT as some experts have weighed in, asking for a pause in the technology. The concerns revolve around the safety and benefit to humans. Some would argue that allowing ChatGPT to run free without boundaries is a recipe for disaster that could result in the AI becoming sentient.

Last summer, Google engineer Blake Lemoine brought up that concern and went public, saying that Google’s AI, then called LaMDA, was becoming self-aware. Lemoine was fired for coming forward, but Google did not ignore his concerns, as they were slower to roll out Bard AI than its competitors.

Now Lemoine has come forward again to defend his former employer, saying that Google is trying to be “safe and responsible” with Bard AI. Lemoine claims that OpenAI was not pushing around Alphabet and that the company has “far more advanced” technology that is under wraps and yet to be released.

Blake Lemoine, a former member of Google’s Responsible AI team, told Futurism he doesn’t think Google is “being pushed around by OpenAI” and that the company behind ChatGPT had not affected “Google’s trajectory.”

“I think Google is going about doing things in what they believe is a safe and responsible manner, and OpenAI just happened to release something,” he said.

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One thing is for certain, the AI tale is far from over, and very large companies are writing the story. Let’s hope the ending of this tale is in favor of the humans and not the machines. Read the full story on Business Insider.

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