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Discord has been around for just under ten years, and many people use it to talk with friends or for work, like us at Techaeris. You can establish various voice or chat rooms and simultaneously use several servers. The previous method—or, at this point, the last method—included four digits in each user’s username (#0001). Discord is currently working to remove the number system and replace it with the @ sign before showing usernames to make it simpler for users to find friends in addition to their usernames. Comparable to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media websites.

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According to Discord, every user can change their username from the old one with the numbers to a new one without the numbers (@username) in the coming weeks. Each new username will be lowercase, alphanumeric, limited to specific special characters, and not contain discriminators, making them easier to remember, read, type, and distribute. Previously, each username was case-sensitive.

Of course, there are restrictions for new usernames, such as:

  • Usernames must be at least two characters and at most 32 characters long
  • Usernames are case insensitive and forced lowercase
  • Usernames cannot use other special characters besides underscore (_) and period (.)
  • Usernames cannot use two consecutive period characters (.)
    • (.a.b. is allowed, a..b. is not allowed)
  • Usernames are unique to each user, and no two users can share the same username
  • Usernames (and Display Names) must adhere to our Community GuidelinesSome examples of Usernames that are not permitted include:
    • Usernames used to impersonate Discord, Discord staff, or Discord system messages 
    • Usernames used to impersonate an individual, group, or organization
    • Usernames that attack other people or promote hate
    • Usernames that contain sexually explicit language

I’ve been using Discord for six years and am unconcerned about the name change. I’m not bothered by it, but why alter names? It may cause later confusion for professionals who find an imitation of their name being used in the same server.

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