Vehicle Privacy Report provides users with a way to check what data carmakers collect

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Automobiles have been around for over a hundred years, and in that time, they have evolved. Cars were pretty much an analog affair until around 1968, when Volkswagen started using computer technology from Bosch in their vehicles. That early computer tech was hardly invasive, but it has led to vehicles becoming more computer-dependent, and the internet age has moved it forward quickly. We’re now in the age of internet-connected vehicles, and a new website called Vehicle Privacy Report aims to reveal the data car manufacturers are collecting.

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Vehicle Privacy Report (check them out here) is a website created by Atlanta-based Privacy4Cars, and it provides owners with information that is collected and stored by their vehicles and what is used by the vehicle manufacturer.

Most new car buyers probably don’t know that when purchasing a new vehicle, you are signing a terms of service agreement that covers the use of the electronics and infotainment systems of most new cars. This gives the manufacturer permission to collect data from your vehicle, and that could include everything from how hard you hit the brakes to satellite radio stations you listen to.

Vehicle Privacy Report provides users with a way to check what data carmakers collect
No Apple CarPlay in this beast!

Vehicle Privacy Report is easy to use. Entering in your VIN number, the website pulls the information it has on the manufacturer and model of the car and gives you a snapshot of the details. It puts them in a graphical presentation and also links to the manufacturers’ policies so that you can investigate further. The information provided is general information and doesn’t go into detail, but it gives users an idea.

“Consumers today are unable to understand the privacy practices that surround vehicles. They don’t understand that cars collect data,” said Privacy4Cars founder Andrea Amico. You can read more about Vehicle Privacy Report on its website or check out this story on The Boston Globe.

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