Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed provide gaming-grade audio “anywhere and everywhere*”

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*except Xbox

When it comes to wireless headphones and earbuds, gamers are after two things: great positional sound quality and low-latency audio. The Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed true wireless earbuds aim to provide “gamers with the ultimate cross-platform gaming-grade wireless experience for gaming on PC, consoles, smartphones and handheld devices.”

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With its USB-C and Bluetooth connectivity options, the latest gaming earbuds from Razer offer “unparalleled ultra-low latency audio freedom” and are compatible across multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, smartphones, and handhelds like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. Unfortunately, since wireless with Xbox requires a separate security chip this version isn’t compatible with that console (but there is an Xbox version of the Hammerhead Hyperspeed).

“Razer is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming. With the Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed, we’re not just offering gamers another pair of wireless earbuds, we’re answering a call for precision, performance, and cross-platform versatility that’s been long echoed in the gaming community. Razer’s industry-leading technology and deep understanding of gamers’ needs are the driving force behind this innovative solution. It’s about enabling gamers to experience their favorite games in a whole new light, with audio quality so immersive and real-time it turns every play session into a truly epic encounter.”

Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Hardware Business Unit

Beside the ultra-low latency, Razer is hoping to set these apart from other wireless gaming earbuds with other features like adjustable active noise cancellation, fast wireless charging case (a first for Razer), customizable Razer Chroma RGB lighting, THX certification, a Do-Not-Disturb Mode when connected to multiple sources, and more.

The Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed true wireless earbuds
The Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed true wireless earbuds.

Key features and specifications of the Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed true wireless earbuds include:

  • Cross-Platform True Wireless Audio compatible with PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, Smartphones, or other Bluetooth and USB-A / C compatible devices
  • Gaming Grade Low Latency Performance via the Razer HyperSpeed 2.4 GHz USB-C dongle
  • Adjustable Hybrid Active Noise Cancelation with feedforward, feedback and hybrid ANC for enhanced immersion and awareness while gaming on the go, at home or in the office – scalable and adjustable levels of hybrid ANC for wherever that may be
  • THX® Certified Audio that has passed the gold standard of all audio certifications; blending art, technology, and the dynamics of real-world listening and viewing environments to ensure certified products deliver the artist’s true vision
  • Fast Wireless Charging Case that allows you to charge one hour and 20 minutes of listening time in 15 minutes through Qi-compatible wireless charging
  • Versatile Lifestyle Features like Do Not Disturb Mode and Razer Chroma RGB customization

The Razer Hammerhead Pro Hyperspeed gaming earbuds are now available for $199.99/€229.99 from Razer.com, RazerStores, and authorized resellers like Amazon.

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