Boulies announces its new Master 2024 Series of gaming chairs

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Boulies has announced the launch of its new Master 2024 gaming chair series and the Master Max. The new Master 2024 series features several improvements over the previous models, including a refined seat cushion design, enhanced built-in lumbar support, upgraded water-repellent fabric upholstery, and a new larger size.

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The chairs are available from the Boulies UK website with prices starting at £369.99, and the Boulies U.S. website from $459.99. With numerous color options available including Black, Blue, and Blue in Ultraflex PU and Charcoal Grey, Como and Ash Grey in water-repellent fabric. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say:

Boulies announces its new Master 2024 Series of gaming chairs

Building upon the immense success of the previous Master series, Boulies has taken user feedback and technological advancements to heart, introducing numerous groundbreaking upgrades in the Master 2024 series. These improvements include:

  1. Refined Seat Cushion Design: To further elevate the level of ergonomic support and comfort, Boulies has refined the seat cushion design in the Master 2024 series. The enhanced contouring and padding ensure optimal weight distribution, reducing strain during prolonged gaming sessions. Players can now enjoy ultimate support without compromising on comfort.
  2. Enhanced Built-in Lumbar Support: Recognizing the critical role of lumbar support in maintaining a healthy posture, Boulies has upgraded the built-in lumbar support in the Master 2024 gaming chairs. Not only does it offer variable levels of support, but it also introduces vertical adjustability. This innovative feature empowers gamers to personalize their seating experience for maximum back support, reducing the risk of discomfort and fatigue.
  3. Upgraded Water Repellent Fabric Upholstery: The Master 2024 series introduces a new water-repellent fabric, raising the bar in terms of durability and softness. With this cutting-edge upgrade, the chairs become more resilient to spills and stains while providing a gentle touch that further enhances the overall gaming experience. Additionally, a new color option, COMO, has been introduced to add a touch of elegance and style to any gaming setup.
  4. Introducing the Master Max: In response to the growing demand for larger gaming chairs, Boulies has introduced the Master Max model. The Master Max boasts all the exceptional features of the Master 2024 series, including the refined seat cushion design, enhanced lumbar support, and upgraded water-repellent fabric upholstery. This larger size ensures that gamers of all body types can enjoy the unparalleled comfort and support that Boulies gaming chairs are renowned for.

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