Google announces new Android feature drop and brand update

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In addition to its latest Android feature drop announcement, Google has also announced a brand refresh to the Android logo and its bugdroid mascot.

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First, the new features being added to Android in this quarter’s feature drop. At a glance, Google is adding the following:

  • Assistant At a Glance widget – This widget uses AI to surface helpful information on your home screen, such as weather alerts, travel updates and event reminders.
  • Image Q&A on Lookout – For people who are blind or low-vision, visual content is more accessible with AI-generated audio descriptions. You can also use voice commands or type follow-questions about the image descriptions.
  • Google Wallet Pass photo import – Upload pass images (with barcode or QR code) to securely store a digital version in Google Wallet, such as gym or library cards.
  • Android Auto communication apps – Coming soon, Webex by Cisco and Zoom apps on Android Auto let you join conference calls by audio and browse your meeting schedules from your car display.
  • Activity and sleep data in Routines – Add your Fitbit or Google Fit activity and sleep data in personal Routines to date on your wellness goals.

As you can see, AI is at the forefront here with the updated Assistant At a Glance widget and AI-generated image audio descriptions. The widget uses AI to display weather alerts, travel updates, and even upcoming event reminders to your homescreen. With the image audio description, users can even ask follow-up questions to get even more verbal information about the image they’re asking about.

Over the years, the Android brand has evolved, the last being in 2019 with the logo change to make it easier to read and more accessible. The new visual changes to the logo, notably replacing the first a in Android with a capital A and updating the font to be more similar to the official Google logo, draw from the company’s Material brand design. ‘ Material brand design.

The new updated Android bugdroid
The new updated Android bugdroid.

The Android bugdroid is also getting updated. Google is giving it more dimension, and more character, while ensuring it works both digitally and in real-life environments.

What do you think about the latest Android feature drop and the branding update to the Android logo and robot? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

Last Updated on October 18, 2023.


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