CEDIA Expo 2023: 118″ 4K LG MAGNIT is a gigantic Micro LED home theater display


CEDIA Expo 2023 is shaping up to be the show of the giant TVs. Several 98″ TVs and a 100″ TV have been announced, and LG is now dropping its 118″ 4K LG MAGNIT.

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According to LG Electronics USA Senior Vice President Michael Kosla, this new giant LED display brings the magnificence of LG MAGNIT to a new screen size that’s destined to expand the market for luxury home cinema and digital art. He said the new 118-inch model hits the “sweet spot” between the LG MAGNIT 136-inch residential Micro LED display and the award-winning 97-inch class LG SIGNATURE OLED M wireless TV (both also featured at CEDIA Expo).

This is a TV that costs more than many people’s homes. Priced at $237,000, the LG MAGNIT 118-inch display is “setting a new standard for home entertainment, delivering the ultimate color, clarity and contrast,” Kosla said. “With a 0.6 mm pixel pitch, crisp 4K resolution, robust chip-on-board (COB) LED technology and AI-enhanced processing, viewers can enjoy stunning picture quality when watching their favorite blockbuster movies, sporting events or displaying digital artwork through the intuitive webOS smart TV software.”

Here’s what the rest of LG’s press release had to say about this beast, go on and read while I take out a second mortgage for this TV.

CEDIA Expo 2023: 118" 4K LG MAGNIT is a gigantic Micro LED home theater display

While catering to luxury clients, this Micro LED display offers integrators streamlined installation, Kosla explained. Specially certified LG MAGNIT integrators will appreciate the display’s simple two-cabinet design that can be installed in just a fraction of the time as other modular LED displays.

The 118-inch display (about 9.8 feet measured diagonally) is based on LG’s advanced DVLED (direct-view light-emitting diode) technology pioneered for enormous commercial displays. Each of its 8 million-plus Micro LED pixels is an individual light each about the width of a human hair, enabling pure blacks and incredible contrast because it can actually turn off pixels where the picture is black.

In addition to providing superb high dynamic range capability, with more shadow detail thanks to HDR10 and HDR10 Pro compatibility, the display offers a trove of special features. LG’s Alpha 9 processor uses artificial intelligence deep learning technology to reduce picture noise and optimize color saturation and contrast based on room circumstances. It also enhances the clarity and legibility of faces and text, while an ambient light sensor adjusts brightness and tone mapping to maintain optimal appearance in varying lighting conditions.

To help luxury homeowners make the most of the LG MAGNIT’s breathtaking visuals, the display integrates AirPlay 2 and Miracast technology that allows users to wirelessly stream content from virtually any iOS, Android, macOS or Windows 10 device. With the included Art Gallery and My Digital Picture Frame features, users can easily load digital art or their own photo collages onto the display via the LG mobile app [1], and then display a static piece or a rotating gallery.

Integrators and their clients will appreciate how the 120-Hz display is optimized for a variety of content in indoor home environments, with 250 nits of brightness delivering excellent performance and visibility even in sun-lit rooms. A pair of integrated 50-watt speakers and a stand or wall mount enable standalone installations, while WiSA connectivity enables seamless use of high-fidelity wireless speakers, including the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 speakers being demonstrated with the LG display at CEDIA Expo 2023.

The 118-inch LG MAGNIT display provides a truly premium experience, including the webOS™ 23 interface that integrators can customize to meet specific customer preferences. In fact, each display is preloaded with apps for YouTube, Disney+ and Prime Video to make setup as easy as possible.

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