Cherry KW 9200 review: A mini wireless keyboard perfect for tablets and other devices

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While laptops are typically used for working on the go, a lot of work can also be completed on tablets and phones. Unfortunately, it can be a bit more difficult on these devices without a physical keyboard. Fortunately, there are several companies that make compact portable wireless keyboards, Cherry being one of them.

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Our Cherry KW 9200 Mini wireless keyboard is a compact keyboard that features multiple connectivity options, making it a perfect accessory for working on the go. Read on for our full review and see why it earns a Top Pick of 2023.

The Quick Take

The Cherry MX Mini wireless keyboard is super compact, making it very portable. Multiple connectivity options make it perfect not only for Bluetooth devices like tablets and smartphones but can also be used on devices with a USB port in both wired and wireless modes. It offers solid battery life, a solid typing experience, decent build quality, and a fair price point for what you are getting.


The Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard we reviewed has the following features and specifications:

  • Four connectivity options: Two Bluetooth® 5.0 low energy channels, one 2.4 GHz wireless channel, and one wired channel
  • Extra-small nano receiver for wireless operation
  • Removable USB-A to USB-C cable for data transfer and charging the lithium battery
  • AES-128 encryption in Bluetooth® and 2.4 GHz mode
  • Includes carrying case made of recycled plastic
  • Precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for an ideal operating feeling
  • Status LEDs show low battery and charging status
  • Status LEDs integrated directly into the CAPS LOCK, NUM and FN keys
  • Easy access to special functions via FN key
  • Color LEDs indicate the selected connection
  • Durable key labels
  • Solid metal plate in keyboard
  • Stable, fold-out feet for height adjustment
  • Slim, extra-compact dimensions – ideal for out and about
  • Aesthetic statement with red keys and minimalist design
  • CHERRY KEYS software support
  • Dimensions: 5.08 x 11.63 x 0.62″
  • Weight: 16 oz

What’s in the box

  • Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • 2.4GHz USB-A receiver
  • Carrying pouch
  • Quick Start/Regulatory Information Guide
  • 1-year limited warranty
What's included with the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard
What’s included with the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard.


The Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard has a very compact design. Measuring just over 11 1/2″ wide, it is just over 5″ in depth and just over 1/2″ in height (without the legs extended). While the faceplate, keys, and bottom casing are manufactured with plastic, the keyboard is sturdy feeling due to the solid metal plate sandwiched inside.

The faceplate and keys are black, with white lettering on the slim keys. Underneath the keys is a red layer, not backlit, but it adds to the look of the keyboard. With five full-height rows of keys, the top sixth row is about 2/3s the standard key height and is where your Fn keys reside. The secondary functions are printed on each key with a red icon or text. The arrow keys in the lower right also have media control labels in red on them.

The sides and bottom of the keyboard are grey. There are two small feet that flip out for better ergonomics. There are pads on the bottom of these legs, as well as one in the middle of the top and three evenly spaced across the bottom of the underside of the keyboard for better traction while used on a desk. Along the backside of the keyboard is a magnetic slot to store the included USB-A dongle. On the opposite side is the power switch as well as a USB-C port for charging and use in wired mode.

Top view of the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard
Top view of the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard.

The include cable is quite lengthy, but is of the default plastic sheathed variety.

Ease of Use

The Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard can be used in three ways. First, you can use the included wired cable, which also charges the keyboard while you’re using it. After you’ve plugged it in and connected it to your computer, tap the F4 key to enter wired mode. Of course, this is a wireless keyboard so instead you can use it with the included USB-A dongle. Plug the dongle into a free USB-A slot on your laptop or desktop, turn the power switch on the keyboard to on, tap the F1 key to switch to wireless USB mode, and you should be set.

For Bluetooth connectivity, turn the keyboard on, tap the F2 or F3 key (it will store two different connections), then search for the keyboard on your device in the Bluetooth settings. Once paired, you should be good to go. I had no issues connecting to my Pixel 7 and my Pixel Tablet, one for each, and using it with both, easily swapping between the two and my computer by tapping the F1, F2, or F3 keys depending on which device I wanted to use the keyboard with.


While the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard can be used straight out of the box, if you want to remap some of your keys, you can do so with the CHERRY KEYS software app. Unfortunately, the app only works with Windows, has to be running in the background for key assignments to work (no on-board storage), and limits you to re-assigning the Fn keys. Not only that, it doesn’t show an accurate representation of the keyboard itself but rather a full-sized placeholder. It is simple enough to use and straightforward, just extremely limited.

Screenshot of the CHERRY KEYS Windows application
Screenshot of the CHERRY KEYS Windows application.

The following functions can be assigned with CHERRY KEYS:

  • Run program
  • Open file/folder
  • Open website
  • System functions such as logout, standby, locks
  • Play recorded macros
  • Insert recorded text
  • Multimedia functions (e.g. louder/quieter/next/mute/etc.)
  • Disable key

Additionally, there is no battery life indicator in the CHERRY KEYS app so if you want to check the remaining battery life, you’ll have to connect to a device via Bluetooth.


The Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard uses CHERRY SX scissor keys. Flat for compactness, they still offer a quiet and precise typing experience, making them perfect for the office or when working on the go like in a coffee shop. I honestly had no issues typing with them and was able to easily maintain my 105+ wpm with it.

The power switch, connectivity button, LED light, and USB-C port on the back of the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard
The power switch, connectivity button, LED light, and USB-C port on the back of the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard.

As far as connectivity is concerned, whether when using the keyboard in wired mode, with the USB-A dongle, or via Bluetooth, I also had no issues in responsiveness and experienced no typing lag.

Battery Life

Cherry indicates that the keyboard “lasts for weeks” with the integrated lithium battery, and they’re not wrong. After about three weeks of use all day (five days a week) with my desktop computer and the USB dongle as well as a few nights here and there via Bluetooth and a tablet, the keyboard was reporting 35% battery life left. If I had to guestimate the number of hours used, I’d say I’ve used it around 130 or so after fully charging it for the first time.


Cherry includes a soft carrying pouch with the keyboard. While it has a fabric feel to it, it is made from recycled plastic so is a bit stretchy. The keyboard fits snugly inside it, and the end flips over to keep out dust and other items for when you’re carrying the keyboard and pouch inside a bag or backpack. The pouch is black with the CHERRY logo and icon printed in red on the top flap.

The Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard partially inserted into the included carrying pouch
The Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard partially inserted into the included carrying pouch.

Even though it’s not a hard case, it does the job well enough and is a great inclusion with the keyboard, keeping it clean and free of dust when not in use or during transportation.


With an MSRP of $69.99, the Cherry KW 9200 Mini wireless keyboard offers solid value for the price. It can be used with Bluetooth devices, as well as wired and wirelessly with its USB-A dongle and included cable. The inclusion of a protective carrying pouch lends to its portability and adds even more value to this keyboard.


If you’re looking for a compact portable wireless keyboard, especially for use with your tablet or smartphone, the Cherry KW 9200 Mini is a solid choice. It checks the compact and portable boxes easily and offers up various connectivity options, solid battery life, and decent typing performance, adding to its versatility. Given all these factors, albeit it could use better software customization, the Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard easily earns a Top Pick of 2023 Award here at Techaeris.

Cherry KW 9200 Mini Wireless Keyboard




Ease of Use






Battery Life






Nailed it

  • Compact, solid design
  • Great typing performance
  • Awesome battery life
  • Three connectivity options
  • Includes carrying pouch
  • Reasonably priced

Needs work

  • No onboard storage for key re-mapping
  • Software somewhat lacking

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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