Fender announces its Highway Series acoustic guitars


The Highway Series comprises two different models, the more compact Parlor and the classic and fuller bodied Dreadnought. These acoustic guitars have been finely tuned for performance on and off the stage. While the designs of these instruments harken back to a more traditional style, the technology and specifications are a nod to the future of acoustic guitar playing.

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  • The New Shape of Acoustic Guitar: Historically, acoustic guitars have been characterized by large and bulky body shapes, but the Highway Series challenges this industry standard. Drawing inspiration from Fender’s groundbreaking history of transforming the electric guitar landscape, the Highway Series is set to redefine the acoustic guitar experience.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: At its core, the Highway Series is a multipurpose guitar and streamlines the way artists can utilize it on stage, providing exceptional versatility while also offering a unique advantage for musicians during the songwriting process. It combines cutting-edge acoustic-electric technology with the classic and familiar look of a traditional guitar. The result is an instrument that stands out on stage and inspires musicians to explore their creativity in more intimate, quiet settings.
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic Body: The Highway’s body depth is thinner than a traditional acoustic, and this more ergonomic shape reduces feedback while the lighter-weight body increases comfort over the course of your set
  • Fishman Fluence Acoustic Pickup: Crafted to integrate seamlessly into the Highway, this new and exclusive pickup delivers dynamic sound movement with a higher-quality output and more consistency than a conventional microphone setup.
  • Hyper-Playable Neck: The thinner mahogany neck makes for a more playable acoustic guitar, with a wider range of playing options and genre diversity, plus it gives you more speed with less hand fatigue.
  • Feedback Resistant: The thinner body and integrated pickup system are designed to be feedback resistant, making it easy to move from venue to venue without the worry of feedback.

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