New BenQ 4LED LW600ST a cost-effective upgrade path to lamp and filter-free projection


BenQ is introducing a major paradigm shift in projection technology with the new lamp-free, filter-free LW600ST. The short-throw WXGA projector boasts 4LED technology to produce a bright, 2,800-ANSI lumen picture with 95% Rec. 709 colour coverage for accurate projection and a high 20,000:1 native contrast for sharp images. In addition to eliminating lamps, the 4LED LW600ST features 15% less power consumption and a chassis made from recycled plastic — helping schools, businesses, and other organizations cut down on waste, curb energy use, and achieve sustainable best practices.

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By going lamp-free, BenQ’s goal is to reduce operating costs, waste, and be more environmentally friendly. The LED light source eliminates toxic mercury-based lamps, draws less power, and boasts a 20,000- to 30,000-hour lifetime depending on what mode is used. The projector is also filter-free, offering a dustproof design to help ensure longevity of this 4LED projector.

“The LW600ST is the clear upgrade path from lamp-based projection. The reality is that lamp-based business projectors can be problematic and expensive. Not only are fewer lamp projector models left, but lamps can cost half the price of the projector, their brightness diminishes from the first moment of use, and they are filled with mercury, which can require special handling and disposal. The maintenance-free, eco-friendly LW600ST fills the gap in the market using high-quality 4LED technology at a price point that can’t be beat.”

Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ

Features the same LED technology found in high-end displays, the LW600ST ensures that all content from skin tones to logo colours appear on screen as intended. There are also various colour modes for users to choose from, including the company’s exclusive Golf Mode for golf sim setups. With the lens in this short-throw projector, it is able to display a 180″ image from less than 9 feet away. Other features like 2D keystone, corner fit, and Screen Fill adjustments help ensure a perfect upgrade for existing screen setups without having to replace the screen.

Front and back view of the BenQ LW600ST 4LED short throw projector
Front and back view of the BenQ LW600ST 4LED short throw projector.

The BenQ LW600ST 4LED projector retails for $899 and is available from the BenQ website.

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