Bang & Olufsen announces its new Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminum


Bang & Olufsen today announces the new Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminum. Honoring Bang & Olufsen’s heritage in aluminum excellence design and craftsmanship, the grille of Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminum is crafted and finished by hand at Factory 5 in Struer, Denmark.

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The grille of Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminum is a delicately crafted design that champions Bang & Olufsen’s approach to pushing boundaries within aluminum exploration. It is made from more than 3500 aluminum discs which give the illusion of floating at the front of the speaker. Here’s what the rest of the B&O press release had to say.

Vice President of Product Marketing, Michael Henriksson, explains, “We have worked with different circular patterns across our speaker grille designs for many years. It has become a signature, but this is a brand-new style”.

He continues, “Usually, the circular shape is the hole in which sound flows through a speaker grille, whereas here we flipped the idea on its head and made the circular shape the central attraction and the sound flows out around it, effectively inverting our past design to create something different and striking.”

“The look of the “floating discs” is created using a second layer of aluminum, carefully designed in a grid behind the surface to create the optical illusion and let the sound flow through”.

Bang and Olufsen Beosound A5 range

Spaced Aluminum joins the existing portfolio of Beosound A5 finishes – Nordic Weave and Dark Oak. “Beosound A5 was designed to be a canvas for aesthetic exploration and building emotional durability. Even looking at the Raffia and Wooden grilles, they’re both so different to one another. It’s hard to believe it is the same speaker” says Michael Henriksson.

“Whilst the Nordic Weave and Dark Oak variants do differ in style, they both feel warm and natural, reflecting and blending into the materials and textures we are used to seeing in our homes. The vision with Spaced Aluminum is totally different to that. This edition feels graphic, contrasting and technical. It is still somewhat neutral and pure, but extremely expressive and sculptural. It adds an entirely new dynamic to Beosound A5, and we only want to add to this over time.”

Beosound A5, which launched in April 2023, sits at the junction where portable and home audio meet. Designed to be carried from room to room with ease, whether placed on the floor, shelf or table. Thanks to an IP65 water and dustproof rating, Beosound A5 can also be taken outside and on any adventure, effortlessly.

With more than 12 hours of playtime and a wireless phone charger integrated into the top panel of the speaker, Beosound A5 is Bang & Olufsen’s most versatile speaker to date, and the perfect portable audio companion. It is controlled by either a sleek user-interface or directly from the Bang & Olufsen App.

Beosound A5 Spaced Aluminum is available in stores and online at B&O for £1,299 / $1,399 USD / $2,099 CAD.

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