Apartment tech: Ten pieces of tech to improve your living quarters


Living in a smart home was once a luxury. But the latest gadgets on the market have made these products increasingly accessible to everyone, including apartment dwellers.

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Whether you live in a spacious apartment unit or a small space, there are many ways you can make your dream smart home a reality. Discover the best pieces of technology with built-in smart features that can improve your productivity, lifestyle, and your space.

1. Douni White Noise Machine

Are you struggling to focus while working or falling asleep due to external noise? This tiny technology holds mighty power to mask background noise — from a busy street to your neighbor’s loud music.

You might not control the noises around you, but this white noise machine can help you focus on your tasks in the afternoon and sleep well at night.

2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Do you have limited space for all the books you want to read? The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite will be your perfect reading companion. It’s an electronic book reader you can take anywhere — on the bed, in the bathtub or by the pool.

It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spilling tea all overbook pages again.

Apartment tech- Ten pieces of tech to improve your living quarters

3. The Smart Garden 3

With the average apartment size getting smaller in the U.S., it’s become more challenging to maximize limited space. If you want the freshest herbs readily available but have no time to take care of plants, this automated indoor garden will handle everything for you.

It produces light, nutrients and water as scheduled, ensuring it is fresh and well cared for. Even better, you can place it on the countertop or a coffee table, giving your apartment an instant burst of freshness!

4. Wyze Smart Plug

This small Wi-Fi enabled power adapter lets you remotely control your appliances — even if you’re not home. Once set up, you can control it via an app on your phone or your smart home platform, like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, through commands.

The Wyze Smart Plug is helpful if you want to automate simple daily tasks such as turning on lights, humidifiers and air conditioning.

5. Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier

People in the U.S. spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, making it essential to keep your interior air quality clean and healthy. Installing a humidifier in your apartment — especially during the colder months —- can benefit you in many ways.

It adds warmth to your home, helps alleviate snoring and reduces dry air to protect your houseplants and wood furnishings from splitting. The Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier is as stylish as it is powerful, with 350 square feet of coverage and an 18-hour runtime.

6. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart

If you want a piece of technology that offers safety and convenience, invest in a smart lock. The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart will ensure the security of your apartment and peace of mind.

It comes with a fingerprint scanner, keypad, Alexa and Google voice commands, a mobile application, a traditional key and a sensor that detects if your door is open or closed.

Apartment tech- Ten pieces of tech to improve your living quarters

7. Kasa Smart Light Bulbs

A Kasa Smart Light Bulb ensures you’ll never need to crawl out of bed to turn off the lights at night manually. This bulb has built-in smart features, allowing you to control it through your voice or a mobile application. The best part is that you can set a schedule based on your daily routines and make it seem like there’s someone at home when you’re outside.

8. The Lululemon Studio Mirror

As many people prefer at-home workouts, you should consider investing in a Lululemon Studio Mirror. This sleek mirror makes working out in your apartment easier, instantly transforming your space into a home gym. The Studio Mirror offers more than 50 fitness genres and various classes, allowing you to practice with top trainers in the comfort of your home.

The best part is it’s space-friendly, unlike usual fitness equipment. It’s also easy to install — just mount it on a wall or stand!

9. Amazon Echo Dot

This compact device is a virtual assistant and speaker in one. You can pair it with smart light bulbs and smart plugs to save you time and hassle. When you want to dim the lights, say, “Alexa, dim the lights.” Additionally, you can ask Alexa to set up recurring reminders and alarms. It can also play songs with Amazon Music, Spotify or Apple Music.

When setting and completing your goals, Alexa will be your perfect companion — it can track fitness, remind you when it’s time to stretch and even play games with you to exercise your brain.

10. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

If you enjoy sipping hot coffee or tea but get frustrated when it cools down over time, this Ember smart mug could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

It keeps your drink at your desired temperature using the coaster and goes on auto sleep when it detects an empty mug. You can connect it to your phone, allowing you to adjust your drink’s temperature with a few taps.

Time for a Tech Upgrade!

Which of these smart home products are you most excited to add to your apartment? Install them today and enjoy the convenience of living in a smart home!

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