[CES 2024] Hisense will be unveiling its next iteration of ULED X tech


Hisense will unveil 110UX, the next iteration of its LED industry-redefining ULED X technology, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. Hisense’s 110UX represents a monumental leap in the ever-improving LED display innovation and sets new industry benchmarks in multiple categories.

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Hisense’s ULED X represents the ultimate goal of LED picture quality technology, accumulated over ten years of research and development. Providing higher levels of brightness and realistic on-screen picture quality that have never been achieved before, ULED X allows viewers to experience the best display standard through active intelligent backlight control and equips them with the most cutting-edge technologies in the TV industry.

With 110UX Hisense introduces a new level of display precision and performance by incorporating over 40,000 backlight zones on an expansive 110-inch screen, minimizing backlight leakage and measurably elevating contrast. This 24V high-output Mini LED technology achieves an unprecedented brightness level of up to 10,000 nits, significantly enhancing contrast and dynamic range.

In addition to significant leaps in brightness and contrast, 110UX achieves an industry-leading 95% of the BT.2020 color palette, compared to other leading displays that achieve 80% of the color space due to material or design limitations.

Hisense-U8K-front ULED X CES 2024
The Hisense U8K was one of our favs in 2023, read the review here.

Hisense engineers were able to achieve such impressive numbers through the introduction of new panel materials and more advanced quantum dot technology. As a result, 110UX presents colors in their full splendor, elevating visual experiences to a level previously unattainable with LED technology.

Additionally, 110UX’s ultra-low anti-glare films and meticulously designed internal panel structure achieve an ultra-low 1.28% reflectance rate, ensuring minimal disruptions from ambient lighting to deliver exceptional clarity. What’s more, STW2.0 wide-angle film technology minimizes backlight leakage, halos, and color shift issues, ensuring an exceptional viewing experience from all angles.

110UX is powered by Hisense’s newly developed X-Chipset, with AI-powered picture quality features such as AI Contrast and AI Depth. This intelligent chip recognizes scenes and content, making real-time adjustments for a clearer, more immersive, captivating display effect.

By bringing this collection of industry benchmark hardware and software together, 110UX is a testament to the evolution of LED display design, where innovation and consumer-focused engineering converge to redefine picture quality. For these reasons, among others, Hisense 110UX is a CES® 2024 Innovation Awards honoree in the Audio/Video Components & Accessories category.

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