Arbiter Studio debuts with a Hall Effect Magnetic Switch gaming keyboard


Keyboard manufacturers are always trying to find new ways to give gamers every advantage while gaming. Arbiter Studio is likely one you haven’t heard of but they have just debuted the Polar 65, a new gaming keyboard with Hall Effect Magnetic Switches instead of mechanical or optical switches.

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Hall Effect sensors have been showing up more often in recently released gaming peripherals, particularly game controllers and the new Legion Go handheld gaming device. In those cases, the sensors in the sticks prevent stick drift and offer more precision while gaming. Most keyboards typically feature a mechanical, optical, or membrane switch which all have different benefits and feels while gaming.

So how does that translate into a compact gaming keyboard like the Polar 65? The Fuji Magnetic Switches used in the debut keyboard from Arbiter Studio utilize Hall Effect sensors which grants gamers with “effortless control over key actuation within a remarkable 0.1mm to 3.8mm range with rapid trigger capabilities.” Rapid Trigger instantly activates keys upon press and deactivates on release for lightning-fast key responses, especially critically for FPS gamers. In other words, you don’t have to fully release the key in order to press down and re-activate the actuation point like you would have to with other keyboards.

The Fuji Hall Effect Magnetic Switch
The Fuji Hall Effect Magnetic Switch.

As Arbiter Studio explains it:

“Our Magnetic Switches, empowered by Hall Effect sensors, grant users effortless control over key actuation within a remarkable 0.1mm to 3.8mm range. Enjoy the freedom of on-the-fly customization, with up to 20 precision levels at your fingertips. And to elevate the experience further, these linear switches arrive expertly pre-lubricated, ensuring an unprecedented level of smoothness in every keystroke, all designed with your utmost satisfaction in mind.”

Key features of the Polar 65 compact 65% gaming keyboard include:

  • Fuji Hall Effect Magnetic Switches – 36g Linear
  • 20 Steps of sensitivity from 0.1mm – 3.8mm
  • Continuous Rapid Trigger – Always Enabled
  • Dual-shot PBT Keycaps (KOP Profile)
  • CNC Aluminum Frame
  • PCB Mounted with Screw-in Stabilizer (Spacebar 6.25u)
  • Ultra Bright RGB Lighting with 16 modes
  • Screw-in and pre-lubed stabilizers to eliminate rattle.
  • Two layers of silicone sound dampening remove pesky audible pings.
  • Dual-Shot PBT keycaps with KOP profile.
  • Nano-coated Hall Sensor PCB takes care of unplanned and unwanted water spills and dust.
  • Keyboard Weight: 2.2lbs or 990g

The Polar 65 also comes with a 1.8m braided USB-C to A cable, eight extra keycaps, and onboard memory. It is also IP54 rated for enhanced water resistance, protecting you from accidental spills.

The Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard
The Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard.

The Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard is now available from the Arbiter Studio website with an MSRP of $150, in eight different colour variations. However, if you act fast, you can pick one up for $105 during the Black Friday weekend sale.

What do you think about the Arbiter Studio Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard with Hall Effect Magnetic Switches? Are you going to be picking one up? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.


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