Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher review: An excellent dishwasher that won’t break the bank

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Dishwashers. These pieces of analog tech haven’t always been common in most homes, but that is changing. Prices of these machines have gone down, especially the ones that are missing IoT connectivity. Call me old-fashioned, but I actually prefer a dishwasher without a brain. The Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher fits into this mold, affordable and you don’t need an app to wash your dishes.

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This is one of my tech, but not tech reviews. There is a good amount of technology packed into the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher, but of course, not the type we typically cover. But even us tech geeks need to wash dishes, so thus, we review appliances like this to hopefully give you some insight on the device. So without further delay, let’s jump into the full review of the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher. Of note: my wife provided a lot of feedback for this review, so this is coming from two users.

The Quick Take

The Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher is a sub-$1000 dishwasher that is not only easy on the wallet, but easy to operate. Add to that the capacity, the quietness, the performance, and rack configuration, this is a winner.

That said, our only real complaints about the HUI66360XCUS are the following. The middle rack is functional but it did take some time to figure out how best to situate dishes for optimal cleaning. There is no way to check and see how much time is left on a load. And having to push start before closing the door is annoying.

Overall, the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher outperformed our previous Samsung dishwasher we had installed. We’ve been using it for a few months now and all of our dishes have been getting clean, and cleaner than our Samsung dishwasher ever got them, and getting the dishes clean is what matters.


  • Program:
    • Number of program(s): 8
      • Normal
      • Heavy
      • Auto
      • 1h
      • Glass
      • Sanitize
      • Night
      • Quick (20 Minutes)
  • Dimensions & Shipping:
    • Product dimensions (in) (W × H × D): 23.8″ x 33.7″ x 22.7″
    • Dimensions of packed product (in) (W × H × D): 25.2″ x 36.2″ x 26.2″
    • Net Weight (lbs): 75.9 lbs
  • Controls:
    • Programs Selection: Touch
    • Programs Indication: LED Blue Display
    • Number of Washing Temperatures: 5
  • Washing Temperatures: 95 °F (35 °C)/113 °F (45 °C)/ 131 °F (55 °C)/ 149 °F (65 °C)/ 158 °F (70 °C)
  • On / Off: Yes
  • Start / Pause: Yes
  • Delay Time: Yes
  • Speed Wash: Yes
  • Automatic Door Open: Yes
  • Status Light: Yes, bottom right
  • Sound Chime: Yes
  • Racks & Baskets:
    • Number of Racks: 3
    • Upper Basket Flexible Glass Holders: Foldable
    • Upper Basket Flexible Cup Holders: Yes
    • Adjustable Rack Tines (upper / bottom): 2 / 4
    • Cutlery Basket: Yes
    • 3rd Rack: Yes
    • Ball bearing glide rails: Yes
  • Electrical:
    • Power: 120V/60Hz
    • Electrical Junction Box: Yes
    • Energy Consumption: 239 kWh/year
  • Characteristics:
    • Number of Spray Arms: 3 (Upper/Middle/Lower)
    • Filter: European filtration
    • Rinse-aid: Yes
    • Inlet Hose (included): PEX
    • Inlet Hose Length (in): 64″
    • Motor Type: Normal
    • Heating Element: Concealed
    • Water Sensor: Yes
    • Drying System: Total Dry
    • Water Supply: Hot or Cold
    • Humidity Protection Strip: Yes
  • Design:
    • Dishwasher Type: Built-in
    • Control Panel: Integrated Smooth Touch
    • Door Panel: Stainless Steel with Pocket Handle
    • Adjustable Door Spring from Front: Yes
    • Adjustable Feet: Yes
    • Back Feet Adjustable from Front: Yes
    • Place Settings: 15
  • Performance:
    • Energy Star® Qualified
    • Energy Star Most Efficient
    • Water Consumption gallon / cycle: 3.2
    • Noise Level dB(A): 44
  • Options:
    • Anti Siphon: Yes
    • Status Light: Yes
    • Self Cleaning Program: Yes

What’s In The Box

  • Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher
  • Manuals and Documentation


Hisense dishwasher 1

The design of the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher is your basic stainless dishwasher look. The front is a shiny stainless steel, and the top of the door houses your controls and LED indicators. There is a status light on the bottom right of the door to let you know when the dishwasher is running. It shines directly on the floor and can be difficult to see on lighter colored floors, but is clearly visible at night.

The rest of the exterior is tucked into your cabinet area and is basically the wash bin exposed. The interior of the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher is also stainless steel, with steel baskets that are coated with a rubber-like material. Basically, the same as every other dishwasher.

There are three racks in total. The larger one is at the bottom, typical, the middle one is slightly smaller, and the top rack is made of all plastic and is intended for things like knives and spatulas.

The utensil holder is a lot of compartments, many more than expected. Initially, my wife thought she wouldn’t like this, but she actually preferred it over the Samsung’s utensil holder.

All the racks slide in and out well, though occasionally the bottom rack slips off if you pull it too fast. It would have been nice to see a better channel on that bottom rack to guide it back and forth easier. Not a massive deal, mostly annoying now and then.

The top array of controls is touch and made of black plastic. The touch controls are responsive and easy to use. Though it would be nice to be able to see how long a load has left, unless we missed this, there is no way to see that information.

Overall, the design is nice. It is a typical dishwasher design and it looks really excellent in the kitchen.

Lowe’s Install

Lowe’s is the primary retailer for Hisense appliances, and Lowe’s was kind enough to install this unit for us. I watched the entire process of installation and came to the conclusion that most users with knowledge of basic tools should be able to do this install.

Of course, you need to pull out the old unit first. Ours, is, thankfully, plugged into the wall and not hardwired. If yours is hardwired, then you will need to shut the power off to work on it. Your installer will know what to do if you use Lowe’s. Once the old unit is unplugged and the water supply cut off and hose disconnected, it can be removed and the new unit installed.

The first thing our Lowe’s installer noticed was that the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher was slightly larger than our previous Samsung dishwasher. Not by much, but it was just a bit taller and he had to adjust the feet all the way down on the unit in order for it to fit. Once that was done, it slid in, but barely.

The next thing the installer noticed was there were no mounting points at the top of the dishwasher like the Samsung. Instead, the mounting points were on the sides of the unit, not a problem as the unit fit snug into the space, using the side mounting points worked perfectly. Using the supplied screws, the installer secured the unit in and installed the kick plate and was done.

Once the unit was completely installed, the installer ran a quick wash test and made sure there were no leaks and we signed the installation paperwork and he was on his way. Overall, the installation took less than 30-minutes, including unloading and brining the unit into the house. I was very impressed with the work the installer did, and much more impressed with his customer service and friendliness.


Our previous Samsung dishwasher came with our house when we purchased it. It was brand new when we moved in and it worked just okay. It always had trouble getting some dishes clean, glasses in particular were a problem. We found we had to pre-rinse our glasses to get them as clean as we wanted.

Thankfully, the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher has been hitting home runs since its first load. All we ever have to do is rinse any heavy caked on food and put it in to wash. We did have to find ways to load the middle rack better to get everything clean. The middle rack has some interesting prong configurations that do make you think.

I wouldn’t say this is a design flaw, it’s just a different design and after 3-years of being used to the Samsung dishwasher, we had to reprogram ourselves. We were trying to load it as we loaded our previous dishwasher and that was not working. We finally have a system where the middle rack is loaded to where the jets can get all the dishes clean.

I was most impressed with how quiet the Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher is. The old Samsung unit was quiet, but this Hisense unit is much quieter and I love that. Because we have an open floor plan for our kitchen, dining, and living area. I like that we can run the dishwasher and not have our family entertainment disturbed.

Overall, the performance of this unit was excellent. It has been cleaning our dishes very well for the past few months, loading it is simple (though some thought is needed when laying out your dishes), and I love how quiet it is.


Hisense dishwasher 2

The Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher is priced at $849, but is currently on sale for $599. That sale price is for a limited time, so if you’re reading this, prices are subject to change. Even at the $849 price, I think this is a solid buy and holds its value. Getting in at the sale price is even better.

Wrap Up

The Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher is an exceptional dishwasher at an affordable price. There are probably better, more expensive dishwashers on the market, but for the price, this is a solid unit.

Hisense HUI66360XCUS dishwasher






Lowe's Install




Nailed it

  • Nice stainless design
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Nice array of features
  • Lowe's install was seamless and quick
  • Cleans dishes very well
  • Love the top rack and the untensil holder
  • We loved the auto door open feature
  • 3 racks is nice to have

Needs work

  • Middle rack can take some time to figure out
  • No way to check how long a load has left
  • Having to push start before closing the door is annoying
  • Auto door open feature only works on longer loads and not the 1-hour cycle

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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