[CES 2024] Veeo, behind-display camera tech aimed at creating a more natural webcam experience


Veeo is a company looking to bring a solution to a problem some users have with teleconferencing and web meetings, eye contact. Natural eye contact is essential in having a productive and understanding conversation and It’s why texting and other forms of non-contact communication can sometimes be misinterpreted.

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Most webcams are placed at the top of laptops or at the top of monitors. This means users are generally looking directly at their screen to watch presentations, or interact with other elements in a meeting. This also means they aren’t looking directly at the camera. The new technology Veeo is introducing at CES 2024 aims to make web meetings a lot more natural.

Veeo has worked with LG Display in making its new Holodeck monitors, these new monitors have a behind-display camera which is at eye level and makes it so you are looking directly at the camera. The idea is that you can now look at each other at eye-level, making it a more natural conversation. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say.

That seemingly simple goal required inventing a way for a camera to see through a display in a way that lines up the camera’s perspective with a presenter’s line of sight.

With Veeo T35, users in video conferences appear to be looking at one another, eye-to-eye, with the BDC aligned with the user’s eye level. This brings us one step closer to recreating the in-person meeting experience where users can look at each other in the eye.

The solution to that was as clear as glass, or more specifically, as clear as a display breakthrough from LG: transparent OLED displays. With the presenter facing that display and a high-quality video camera behind the display facing the presenter, direct eye contact becomes unavoidable. When other content – some from a connected computer, some generated by the device’s intelligence – the resultant layered image may seem to remote participants like the presenter is inside their screens.

“I was inspired by the displays I saw when watching Minority Report,” says Veeo CEO Ji Shen, “and I spent a lot of me trying to recreate that effect. I suppose it’s another example of science fiction providing inspiration and engineers investing perspiration. That doesn’t always pay off – transporter beams aren’t yet taking over travel – but this time, we stuck with it and made that wonderfully compelling eye-to-eye presentation mode come true.”

These new Veeo Holodeck models are set to debut in the summer of 2024 and the pricing and models are below:

  • Veeo Holodeck M30 (around $2500) with a 30” screen and an enclosed case.
  • Veeo Holodeck T30 (around $3,000) unenclosed 30” clear glass panel that recognizes gestures.
  • Veeo Holodeck T55 (around $8,500) unenclosed 55” clear glass screen for conference rooms.

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