Typhur Sync review: An impressive wireless meat thermometer with great features

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Cooking tech has come a long way and you can find tech built into things such as fridges, ranges, microwaves, and more. Many of today’s cooking appliances can be connected to some sort of app, which can sometimes be useful and other times unnecessary. Typhur makes a few kitchen gadgets that are app connected and we have them in-house in line to review. The first one up is the Typhur Sync, a wireless meat thermometer that brings sleek looks along with a set of excellent features.

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A good meat thermometer is important to discerning cooks. This is especially true when cooking meats where you want a certain doneness or temperature. Many users aren’t that discerning, but for those who are, the Typhur Sync is certainly a tool worth checking out. Let’s jump into our full review of the Typhur Sync wireless meat thermometer.

The Quick Take

Typhur Sync review: An impressive wireless meat thermometer with great features

This is a simple quick take and literally a quick take. The Typhur Sync is a well-built, attractive, and feature rich smart meat thermometer that performs outstandingly well. While the price is high, I think users seeking a top of the line meat thermometer will have zero issue paying the $229 asking price. For those not as serious about accuracy and features, the price is probably too high. So the gist of it is, if you’re looking for one of the best meat thermometers on the market and are fine with paying the price, you cannot go wrong with the Typhur Sync.


The Typhur Sync has the following features and specifications:

  • Probe: Number of Temperature Sensors: 6 (5 Internal and 1 Ambient)
  • Temperature Range:
    • Internal 32 °F — 212 °F (100 °C)
    • Ambient 32 °F — 572 °F (300 °C)
  • Accuracy:
    • Internal ±0.5 °F (-17.5 °C) from 104 °F (40 °C) — 212 °F (100 °C)
    • Ambient ±9 °F (-12.78 °C)
  • Dimensions: 5.03″ (L) × 0.24″ dia
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • Bluetooth Output Power: +8dBm
  • Probe Material: Stainless Steel
  • Display: 2.4″ TFT LCD
  • Dimension: 5.5 inches (ca. 14 cm) × 2.8 inches (ca. 7 cm) × 0.8 inches (ca. 2 cm)
  • Water Resistance: IPX2
  • Battery: 3.7 volts 3020 mAh
  • Connection: Bluetooth/Wi-Fi (device only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi)
  • Sleep Mode: Device will automatically enter default Sleep Mode after 30 minutes if the Probe is removed

What’s In The Box

  • Typhur Sync — With Two Probes
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Manual and Documentation


Typhur Sync review: An impressive wireless meat thermometer with great features

I wouldn’t have expected a sleek and premium design or look from a meat thermometer, but this is what you get with the Sync. The entire unit is made of mostly high-grade and high-quality aluminum. There is very little high-quality plastic and glass covering the display.

The front of the unit houses the display and touch controls, and the Typhur logo is on the bottom left and looks elegant. There is nothing on the right side or bottom, and the top is where the probe holes marked 1 and 2 are. The back has a kick stand and a small speaker for hearing alerts. The left side houses the USB-C port for charging.

The probes are each about 5.5 inches (ca. 14 cm) in length and they contain batteries along with 6 sensors. There are five sensors within the probe stem and one sensor at the top. The sensors in the stem measure the meat temp and the top sensor measures ambient temp.

The probes are heavier than I expected and feel very solid and well constructed. Overall, the Typhur Sync design and build quality is ultra-premium. The feel of this device is something special and I failed to mention earlier that the Typhur Sync is IP67 rated waterproof. One word of caution, the probes are made of metal, so be sure to remove them, when hot, with protective measures.


The display is simple. It’s not a touchscreen, but the buttons below are capacitive and help navigate the screen. The buttons remind me of an Android phone interface. There is a circle flanked by arrows. The circle is a multifunction type button, and the arrows move you around the interface.

The display is nice and bright and the font is large and easy to read. You don’t really need the app to operate the Typhur Sync, but there are some features that make the app worth using. Plus, the app is where you update the firmware for the Sync.

Overall, the display on the Typhur Sync is really a nicely made and good-looking panel. Much more than I expected from a meat thermometer.


The Typhur app is handy to have, though not needed, I would recommend using it. The app updates firmware but also gives you full control over the probes. This means you can watch your temps while relaxing somewhere away from your kitchen.

The app does everything the display on the main unit does, but also allows you to customize alerts and more. Customized alerts is what allowed us to set an alert to remind us to turn our ducks over every 30 minutes and rotate them from top to bottom racks.

Overall, I don’t always like apps with products like the Sync, but in this case, I think the app is essential and useful and it is part of the overall experience.


more meats

The battery life of our Typhur Sync was not tested, apart from using the device for Christmas dinner. Our unit’s battery was barely drained with the 2-3 hour cook time we did on our roast ducks. Given that this is the same type of battery you’ll find on a smartphone, battery life should be good. If your Sync has been sitting for a while, unused, I’d recommend charging it before cooking. Chances are, some battery drain will occur over an extended timespan.

As for performance, we roasted two healthy sized ducks and used one probe in each of them. Probe one indicated a higher temp, both internal and ambient. And probe two indicated a lower temp, both internal and ambient. The differences were not huge, maybe five degrees. The reason for this was one duck was on the top rack and the other on the bottom. I found seeing the differences in temp helped us to rotate the ducks every so often to get a more even cook.

One would assume that the ambient temp of the oven should be what the oven is set at, 350 degrees in our case. But because of there were two ducks in the oven along with their containers, the ambient temp was lower. I would not have known this if not for the Typhur Sync. It’s very intriguing indeed.


Our recipe called for the ducks to be turned every 30 minutes and you can set an alert in the app for cases like this. We used those 30-minute turning sessions to also rotate the ducks from one rack to the other. This gave each duck equal time on each rack, in the hopes cooking would be a bit more even.

Beyond our roasted ducks, we have not used the Sync in other meats — yet. But there is a plethora of use cases for the Typhur Sync, such as smoking and grilling. Having two probes is also advantageous to those who smoke large meats. Placing both probes in the meat in different locations helps you understand what parts of the meat are being cooked at different rates, if at all.

Overall, I think the Typhur Sync is a fantastic tool for cooks, especially if you cook a lot of meat. It is important to note that this is designed for meats and not breads or other foods. The probes are pretty thick and probably won’t work well with breads. My mother-in-law pointed this out to me. She loved the Sync, but is an avid baker and made a passing remark that it wouldn’t do for baking.


The Typhur Sync isn’t a cheap meat thermometer, clocking in at a healthy $229. But, the quality, features, and accuracy of this unit are sure to be selling points for those who deeply care about cooking the meats to proper temps. For those novice cooks who don’t care that much, I suspect this will not be for them. I think the value is there for those who are seeking this level of accuracy and build quality.

Wrap Up

The Typhur Sync is an outstanding smart meat thermometer with plenty to offer those who care deeply about their meats.

Typhur Sync












Nailed it

  • Very nice design
  • Very sturdy build quality and materials
  • Great display
  • Easy operation
  • Lots of features and a great app
  • Seems to be very accurate
  • IP67 rating

Needs work

  • On the pricey side and some users may not care this much about their meats

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