Six great laptop bags for different people and styles


Laptop bags are a big deal for anyone who works on-the-go. Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the coffee shop to work in the morning or traveling overseas on a business trip, laptop bags and backpacks are an essential piece of gear. Here are six great laptop bags for different people and styles.

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Best Stylish Commuter Pack

Six great laptop bags for different people and styles
The Rhake

Mission Workshop | The Rhake — $365

The first great entry into laptop bags is the Rhake is built to hold everything you need for work, play, and the occasional overnight. Purpose-built pockets are large enough to hold all of your accessories, there’s a dedicated weatherproof padded laptop pocket, and the weatherproof 22-liter main compartment can grow or shrink as needed to hold gear and clothing. The two-layer weatherproof construction is designed to keep your gear warm and dry through spring.

Best Minimalist Backpacks For Around-Town

Six great laptop bags for different people and styles
Able Carry Max

Able Carry | Thirteen — $178

Another great entry into laptop bags is the Thirteen Daybag. It has found its niche with those looking for a compact design that’s right at home in tight commutes or relaxed spaces, with a classic form that stays in shape both empty and full. Storage and organization is made easier with added features including an internal mesh bottle pocket, pen slip, and Ripstop lining pocket for overall durability. The Thirteen has a soft-touch lining that comfortably fits 11-inch tablets or laptops up to 14 inches (ca. 36 centimeters). External pockets include the Tucked back pocket, shoulder strap card slots, and external bottle pocket.

Able Carry | Daily Plus — $198

Able Carry makes great laptop bags. A sharp 21L everyday backpack designed around versatility, comfort, and ease of use, the Daily Plus is designed with durable technical fabrics, clean minimal aesthetics, and offers a new range of convenient storage solutions to protect laptops and organize accessories. The subtle added features include a protective laptop pocket that fits most 16” devices and tablets, interior and exterior dividers for ultimate organization, and a dedicated tucked pocket for carrying your water bottle (up to 1L).

Able Carry | Max — $278

Able Carry’s Max Backpack delivers a first-class travel experience with its practical organization, tough and water-resistant build, awesome comfort, and understated looks. The Max Backpack offers 30L of space, yet somehow appears to be able to carry even more, while feeling like a smaller pack on your back.

Best Briefcase Bag

Mission Workshop | Transit Laptop Brief — $285+
Transit Laptop Brief

Mission Workshop | Transit Laptop Brief — $285+

The Transit Laptop Brief is appropriate for any occasion and ready for all conditions. The 19L weatherproof laptop bag is briefcase sized and perfect for work and travel.

Best Tote


Mission Workshop | Drift — $305+

The Drift is a concept tote bag built to carry a wide array of gear for work, play, and travel, and is one of the most versatile bags Mission Workshop has ever created. Purpose-built pockets for your laptop, tablet, phone, documents, keys, and water bottle are complimented with a cavernous 28-liter main compartment for clothes, camera equipment, gym gear, books, food, and whatever else you need to take with you.

These are just a few of the best laptop bags and backpacks you can find online. Be sure to check out the rest of each brand’s offerings on their websites.

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