[CES 2024] SEERGRILLS Perfecta is an AI-powered grill for cooking the meats

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Looking for the best meats cooker you can get your hands on? Do you care deeply about your meats? SEERGRILLS thinks they have you covered with the Perfecta. This AI-powered grill is supposed to deliver the best cooked meats your tongue has ever laid buds on.

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For those looking to bring home a taste of innovation, SEERGRILLS will be offering an exclusive $1,000 discount, only until the end of CES 2024. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about the Perfecta.

Perfecta’s proprietary NeuralFire® technology fuses the art and science of cooking through the integration of cutting-edge hardware and software technologies. It hosts a powerful Quad Core processor, and a suite of smart sensors, which measure many food and environmental variables, including thickness and temperature.

The aiChef takes the user’s desired doneness and sear level set via touchscreen, paired with information from the smart sensors, to dynamically control the unique Dual Vertical Infrared Burners which pulse and move horizontally, closer and further from the food. The burners operate at 1652° F and provide 360° cooking, simultaneously doing both edges and sides, creating the perfect sear and eliminating the need to flip. When finished, the burners turn off automatically and return to their home position.

[CES 2024] SEERGRILLS Perfecta is an AI-powered grill for cooking the meats

The ideal appliance for anyone looking to implement healthy lifestyle changes or become the ultimate grill master but finding themselves short on time, Perfecta prepares delicious and nutritious meals 10x faster than conventional cooking. It can cook a 1” rib eye steak in 90 seconds and four chicken breasts in two minutes and 30 seconds.

Perfecta optimizes conditions for the chef-favored Maillard Reaction — a chemical reaction between proteins and sugars that gives browned food its unique, juicy flavor — with a perfect sear on the outside, perfect doneness on the inside, and the ideal moisture retention. With conventional grilling methods, fat drips and causes flare-ups, potentially burning and drying meat, creating inconsistent texture and taste. Perfecta directs water vapor and gasses out the top, while fat drips into the removable dishwasher-safe drip tray below, for flawless, flavorful food, and a quick and easy clean-up.

Taking the guesswork out of cooking, users can customize preferences for steak such as doneness and sear level in the SEERGRILLS app. AI then incorporates these preferences with sensor data to control the novel burner system the way a chef would to achieve the best flavor profile, simplifying healthy eating and protein rich meals. After each meal, users can rate their meals within the app, allowing the AI to learn from ratings and improve every time.

The unique algorithms and cloud connectivity between all Perfecta devices ensures that when one Perfecta improves, so do the rest around the world. The precision of NeuralFire® technology also eliminates the health risks of both under and overcooking. This optimization of cooking profiles for every food not only cuts cook time by 90%, but also uses 50% less energy than traditional BBQs, oven or air-fryer methods, leading to significant cost and energy savings.

rib eye steak

Equipped with various cooking modes, users can select options such as Grill or Oven, with the option to add on Pizza and Rotisserie modules. For those that are hungry for more control, Chef Mode allows users to have full command over the burners to enjoy the time-honored ritual of cooking. Users can also enjoy various recipes within the app, and customize nutrition goals to track healthy eating. To complete the Perfecta experience, SEERGRILLS offers a GrillStation for a traditional outdoor grill set up, complete with extendable prep and serving stations, drawers for spices and accessories, and a rim along the edge to hang utensils.

  • Additional Features Include:
    • Lifetime software updates
    • Works with 12V electric propane and gas
    • Stainless steel + ceramic glass construction to withstand the elements
    • Emergency stop button shuts off gas and electronics instantly
    • Non-toxic grill plates, electropolished 316 stainless steel, PFAS & BPA free
    • Dishwasher safe drip tray

The SEERGRILLS® Perfecta™ is being shown to the public for the first time at the 2024 CES in Las Vegas. Throughout the duration of the show, ending January 15, SEERGRILLS will be offering a $1,000 discount on the Perfecta, MSRP $3,500, available on the company’s website, see link below.

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