[CES 2024] The Mosqitter Mini is a mosquito control solution for home use


Mosquitoes are some of the worst insects on the planet, at least that’s my opinion and I am sticking with it. I am sure they serve some purpose in our ecosystem but I’d prefer they stay off my porch and off my skin. The Mosqitter Mini is a new tech device being shown at CES 2024 that says it can control these pests with ease.

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Collaborating with entomologists, engineers from Mosqitter integrated the four human elements that attract mosquitoes: CO2 from breathing, heat signatures from our bodies, UV light at a specific wavelength emitted by humans, and scent. The R&D team developed the Grand mosquito trap optimizing attraction across these four elements, leveraging smart technology with no toxic chemicals to reduce mosquito populations by 93% within a 2 acre-radius. Mosqitter Grand has been deployed across five continents and was instrumental in safeguarding global leaders at the G20 Summit in New Delhi.

“Our goal is to deliver smart solutions that seamlessly integrate hardware and software, creating secure environments to protect people’s health. We provide our response to climate action by offering eco-friendly products designed to combat mosquitoes and other harmful insects in a green way,” said Anastasiia Romanova, CEO of Mosqitter.

Building on the Grand’s success in large residences and businesses like resorts and restaurants, Mosqitter identified a need for a compact version for smaller home spaces, resulting in the development of the Mosqitter Mini.

Similar to the Grand, the Mini optimizes four attraction elements to trap mosquitoes and other flying pests without toxic chemicals, while avoiding harm to beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. The Mini operates with a 4X** higher efficiency compared to other traps and zappers, all while operating silently without any buzzing or zapping noises.

The Mosqitter Mini is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Weighing only 4 pounds (ca. 1,814 g) and standing at 13.7 inches (ca. 35 centimeters) tall, it can be hung or placed on a flat surface. Highly efficient and energy-saving, consuming only 35 watts, the Mini will be available for sale in Fall 2024 with a $149.99 MSRP.

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