[CES 2024] Weber fired up CES with a series of new grills and innovations

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of grilling, BBQ, smoking, and outdoor cooking in general. As with most husbands, fathers, and men in general, I fancy myself a pretty good outdoor cook. My wife and kids enjoy it and that’s good enough for me, but I digress. My weapon of choice has always been a Weber kettle grill, and I use the Weber chimney to fire up my lump charcoal. I tend to be a purist when it comes to outdoor cooking.

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But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use other Weber grills to cook with, if I had them on my deck, you bet I would use them. Weber descended on CES and fired up its entire 2024 collection of grills and griddles, and it was fantastic. The company held an event for the press where we were able to see these devices in action and taste what Weber’s Grill Masters could cook on them. We walked away impressed with what the company is offering the outdoor cook in 2024, so let’s jump into the press release and find out more!

2024 Weber Grill Lineup

The new lineup includes the ultra-premium SUMMIT smart gas grill, with the Company’s first top-down infrared (IR) broiler and proprietary SmartControl technology, which enables home cooks to program, monitor, self-adjust as needed and grill exceptional meals to perfection, all from their smart device.

Also, new for 2024 is the SLATE gas griddle collection, featuring a unique rust-resistant, pre-seasoned cooking surface, setting a new standard in griddle cooking, and the SEARWOOD wood pellet grill with its patent-pending DirectFlame heat distribution and temperature control, ensuring rich, deep smoke flavor in every dish.

“Our company’s latest products are our most advanced and innovative yet,” said Mike Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer of Weber. “Throughout the development process, we focused on solving the problems that our consumers face so that they feel more confident, creative and in control when they cook with their Weber grill. We created state-of-the-art temperature monitor and control systems, leveraged sophisticated digital and predictive control technologies, and utilized the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. The result is a range of barbecues and griddles that are purposeful and intelligent in design and functionality, yet incredibly simple, intuitive and fun to use.”

SUMMIT Smart Gas Grill

[CES 2024] Weber fired up CES with a series of new grills and innovations

The all-new 2024 SUMMIT smart gas grill is the most technologically advanced, versatile, premium offering in the Company’s gas portfolio. Weber designed it exclusively for outdoor cooks who seek a high-performing culinary showstopper for their outdoor space.

At the heart of the all-new SUMMIT grill experience is SmartControl technology. From the extra-large, color, high-definition touch screen on the SUMMIT grill’s knob-free control panel or via their smart device, this digital innovation allows cooks to:

  • Set and change the grill’s temperature;
  • Select their preferred cooking method – direct or indirect grilling – and based on their choice, the SUMMIT grill will show them precisely where to place food on the cooking grates for perfect results;
  • Monitor quick start and preheating steps so they know when the grill is ready to use;
  • Continuously surveil the progress of a cook remotely, and when needed, the SUMMIT grill will automatically self-adjust its heat levels to maintain an accurate temperature or smoothly manage temperature changes with precision to ensure dishes are not over or undercooked.
  • Monitor fuel levels and learn when it’s time to replenish;
  • Know when food is ready to be removed from the grill via alerts, and
  • Shut down the grill from their smart device.
[CES 2024] Weber fired up CES with a series of new grills and innovations

Weber’s product engineers developed SmartControl technology to control how gas flows to individual burners. This technology continually monitors and immediately reacts to temperature changes so that the grill maintains a precise temperature, delivering an exceptional culinary experience. The foundation of the SmartControl technology is an integrated electronic gas valve system that continuously looks for the presence of gas flame across the grill’s burners and IR broiler. The technology automatically triggers flame reignition when needed to ensure a safe grilling experience.

For the ultimate smart and easy-to-manage grilling experience, SUMMIT gas grill cooks can also rely on the WEBER CONNECT App. With nearly 1,000 recipes and guided cooking programs, and automatic alerts and notifications, WEBER CONNECT technology makes barbecuing while entertaining even less stressful, giving entertainers more time to prepare and socialize with guests, relying on the grill to notify them when their perfectly grilled food is ready.

[CES 2024] Weber fired up CES with a series of new grills and innovations

The SUMMIT grill delivers the very best culinary features for those who demand them. It offers a first-in-class top-down IR broiler to rapidly sear and caramelize dishes for that often elusive, sizzling chophouse crust and rich flavor. Equipped with supersized FLAVORIZER bars, a massive cook space, reliable electronic ignition, and a powerful PUREBLU burner system, this entertainer’s dream cooks as great as it looks.
Added features such as extra-large prep and serve side tables, a side burner, and NIGHTVISION motion-sensing lid-integrated LED lights that illuminate the entire grilling surface – from the side table to the grates – make cooking delicious meals both time-saving and hassle-free.

The SUMMIT grills come in stainless steel or hallmark Weber porcelain enamel and have premium design elements and culinary touches, including a tuck-away rotisserie, soft-close cabinet doors and a stainless-steel smoker box. Additionally, they come ready to use with the WEBER CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection of grillware, which includes various accessories such as an air crisping basket, pizza stone and many more.
The complete line of SUMMIT grills for 2024 includes freestanding standard and smart options, along with a Grill Center and Built-in models; a 15-year limited warranty backs each grill, and owners will have access to a specialized helpline staffed by in-house barbecue experts. SUMMIT gas grills start at $3,899 and will be available this spring in the United States from retailer partners and on Weber’s website.

SLATE Rust Resistant Griddles


Fans of one of the hottest cooking trends, griddling, will welcome the SLATE griddle, the industry’s first rust-resistant griddle with consistent, edge-to-edge heat and a state-of-the-art digital temperature display.

Weber product experts developed a unique process inspired by the automobile industry to solve the problem of rust accumulation on the griddle’s cooking surface over time. This process ensures that the cooktop is ready to use right out of the box, with no pre-seasoning required, and remains prepared over time and usage.

In addition, SLATE griddles offer fast, high heat, capable of reaching temperatures over 500°F / 260°C in as little as 10 minutes. This griddle’s rapid and precise temperature accuracy is possible through a redesigned, patent-pending valve and burner system that improves heat consistency across the cooktop. A sensor works under the cooktop to provide a real-time griddle temperature via an easy-to-read digital display, eliminating the guesswork that often comes with griddle cooking.

To complete this new griddle experience, Weber product designers created the WEBER WORKS system. This interchangeable accessory set effortlessly converts SLATE griddle side tables into a griddle master’s prep, cook and serve station. For example, a portable caddy easily transports and stores tools from the kitchen to the griddle by snapping into place, keeping needed tools within arms’ reach. Two stand-alone SLATE griddle models, 30″ and 36″, with rust-resistant cooktops, are compatible with the WEBER WORKS collection.

Weber is also introducing two table-top, portable models, the WEBER TRAVELER 17″ and WEBER TRAVELER 22″ griddles, perfect for tailgating, camping, and smaller spaces like balconies.
The Weber griddle line will be available across the Americas in early 2024 at retail stores and on weber.com. Units start at $249, and a five-year limited warranty supports each model; model and feature availability will vary by retailer and geography.

SEARWOOD Pellet Grill


The SEARWOOD pellet grill is the Company’s next-generation high-heat wood pellet grill. It features the industry’s only DirectFlame cook system and an LCD controller that can be paired with the WEBER CONNECT App for a smart, flame-kissed culinary experience any day of the week. The SEARWOOD pellet grill is ideal for an outdoor cook who enjoys smoking-to-searing in one grill and craves rich sear-marked food, deep smoky flavors, crispy textures, incredible bark, and golden brown, mouthwatering meals.

The SEARWOOD pellet grill combines proprietary technology and intelligent design. Its standout performance is grounded in more than 50,000 hours of testing and consumer feedback. With its RapidReact™ PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller, the SEARWOOD pellet grill continually monitors its cooking progress, self-adjusting and maintaining target temperature throughout a cook, even while griddling with an open lid, giving owners greater control and confidence.

Its wide temperature range of 180°- 600°F / 82°- 315°C unlocks many different cooking styles and menu possibilities, and the grill’s ability to reach those temperatures in less than 15 minutes means less waiting and more smoking, roasting, and high-heat searing. Swift temperature transitions and even heat distribution round out this elevated cooking experience.

The grill also features two category firsts – a cast aluminum cookbox, which is weatherproof, and the integration of Weber’s highly rated gas grill cleaning approach to develop a unique Pull and Clean grease and ash system, which makes clean-up and grill maintenance more straightforward.
The SEARWOOD pellet grill is available exclusively in North America in two models, the 24” 600 for $899 and the 36” XL 600 for $1,199; both are compatible with a rotisserie, full-size griddle, and WEBER CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection grillware.

Consumers can purchase the SEARWOOD pellet grill from retail partners in North America and on weber.com.


Weber Grills 2024

Additional offerings for 2024 include the WEBER TRAVELER compact grill, a mini version of the award-winning, fan-favorite WEBER TRAVELER portable gas grill, and the Q2800N+, a beautifully designed gas barbecue reimagined for barbecue enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand, and now available in the United States.

The WEBER TRAVELER compact grill is 20 percent smaller than the original and offers optimal portability for a gas grill with an innovative, one-handed setup and assisted fold-down. This high-quality, porcelain-enameled grill’s low-to-high temperature allows cooks to sear steaks, grill juicy chicken, and even griddle fluffy pancakes.

The WEBER TRAVELER compact grill will be available this spring for $299 at retail stores and on weber.com across the Americas.

The Q grill line, introduced over 20 years ago, created a new category of smaller, affordable, quality gas grills. With durable construction and consumer-led design, the new Q2800N+ model provides more cooking room and an expanded temperature range to unlock additional cooking methods. It offers overall greater control throughout a cook, an improved approach to cleaning, and effortless ways to move, transport, and store the barbecue. The Q2800N+ grill is available for $499 at retail stores and on weber.com in the United States.

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