[CES 2024] Jackery showcases two new concept products at CES


Jackery hit the CES 2024 show floor with two new concept products that look freaking cool. Jackery has always made some cool products, but the Solar Mars Bot and Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent both look slick. Perhaps, the company will bring them to market at some point, but for now, we have to enjoy the innovation here.

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Here’s what we know about the Solar Mars Bot and the Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent, as explained by the company’s press release.

Jackery Concepts at CES 2024

Solar Mars Bot

[CES 2024] Jackery showcases two new concept products at CES
  • Solar Mars Bot:
    • Jackery’s Solar Mars Bot, a concept product, has been recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023.
    • This futuristic creation, designed with Mars exploration in mind, integrates a solar generator on wheels, promoting the concept of sustainable energy use beyond Earth.
    • It’s a visionary example of portable power solutions, underscoring Jackery’s commitment to innovation in renewable energy technologies.
  • Automatic Sunflower Solar Tracker:
    • Integrated Sunlight Tracking: The solar tracker utilizes sophisticated technology to constantly monitor and adjust the solar panels’ positioning, maximizing exposure to sunlight throughout the day. This ensures that the panels capture the most sunlight possible, optimizing charging efficiency.
    • Obstacle Avoidance: Advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms enable the system to detect and navigate around obstacles automatically. This feature prevents shading or obstructions from hindering the solar panels’ ability to harness sunlight, maintaining consistent energy generation.
  • 600W Solar Wings:
    • Telescopic Design: These solar wings are ingeniously designed to be space-efficient and easily deployable. Their telescopic structure allows for compact storage when retracted, while expanding to harness maximum solar energy when deployed.
    • Remarkable Solar Conversion Efficiency: With a 25% solar conversion efficiency, these panels are highly effective at converting sunlight into usable electricity. This efficiency level ensures optimal power generation even in less than ideal lighting conditions.
  • Extreme Environment Resistance:
    • Impact-Resistant Engineering Plastics: The use of durable, impact-resistant engineering plastics ensures the generator’s resilience against physical damage, making it well-suited for challenging environments.
    • Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloy: The incorporation of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy enhances the unit’s longevity, particularly in harsh weather conditions.
    • Intelligent Monitoring for Harsh Conditions: The system is equipped with intelligent monitoring capabilities that constantly assess environmental conditions. It can detect abnormal sensations and conditions and automatically adjust its operations for seamless functionality even in challenging and unpredictable scenarios.

Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent

[CES 2024] Jackery showcases two new concept products at CES

Combining the innovative Jackery Solar Generator with a rooftop tent equipped with 1000W solar panels and a 1264Wh portable power station creates an unparalleled zero-carbon overlanding home. This setup caters to off-road motorhome enthusiasts and adventurous overlanders seeking sustainable, off-grid experiences. The integration of solar panels on the tent ensures a consistent average daily output of 4.96 kWh, supporting the portable power station and allowing for continuous energy storage and usage.

With a robust 6 kWh power output, this setup is optimized for day-long overlanding journeys while accommodating up to a generous two-week off-grid lifestyle. The system’s extended running time for appliances, including coffee makers, electric grills, blankets, projectors, fridges, phones, drones, and lamps, ensures an elevated level of comfort and convenience during outdoor escapades.

Moreover, the inclusion of a memory foam mattress, customizable lighting, and weather-resistant fabric within the tent enhances comfort and durability against varying outdoor conditions. Emphasizing sustainability, this zero-carbon setup aligns with eco-friendly practices by relying solely on solar power, effectively reducing the carbon footprint during travels.

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