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It’s a strange world when companies put their AI units into a subscription-based platform to give consumers a bit of an “edge” over free users and access to capabilities that others may not have. According to a leaked document published by Business Insider, an enhanced version of Alexa is known internally as “Remarkable Alexa” but may be marketed as “Alexa Plus” to people.

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According to the leaked document, Amazon is considering developing a subscription-based version of Alexa for its Echo devices that will include more entertainment and personalized AI features. Furthermore, the virtual assistant team is now striving to release this “feature” before the June 30th deadline. According to the document, if completed on or before that date, it will be available to consumers in 2024, after having been tested on 15,000 external customers.

With this information from “informed sources,” there has been some internal disagreement at Amazon about whether users will pay a fee for Alexa’s additional capabilities. Presently, Alexa Plus is unable to provide precise responses, takes too long to offer an answer, and exhibits weaknesses while answering ambiguous inquiries.

Amazon’s decision to make Alexa subscription-based is quite silly, all things considered. Why change it now after having a keynote back in September 2023 about Alexa getting some nice upgrades? I understand that you have to make more money from Alexa at some point, but nine years later from its initial release date is pointless.

Either way, what do you readers make of Amazon possibly making Alexa subscription-based? Do you think it’s worth paying a fee to get a more personalized AI? You may comment by using the social media buttons below. Please share on your favorite social media site and tag us on Facebook, X, MeWe, and LinkedIn. Or join our Telegram channel here.

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