Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe announce new connected grills and smokers


CES 2024 is officially in the past but we’re still digging through our inbox and finding some interesting product news. Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe are familiar names in the outdoor cooking space and they announced new connected grills and smokers in Las Vegas this year.

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Consumer input drove many of the updates and new Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe models, with a special focus on more durable construction materials, greater digital connected technology and automatic fire starting. These features provided home cooks precise and hardworking grills with greater ease of use that still delivers that distinct charcoal flamed-grilled taste with every cook.

“Our Gravity Series grills have always been the leaders in digital charcoal cooking since the launch of the series in 2019 and through continuous improvement, we’ve enhanced them with stronger, more rugged designs with several new Masterbuilt models for 2024,” said Cara Finger, president of Middleby Outdoors. “In addition, we continue to roll out the first fully digitally connected Kamado grill, the Konnected Joe, after unveiling it to home cooks this past summer.”



Masterbuilt AutoIgnite Series 545 ($499; Available Feb. 2024 at Home Depot nationally): Introduced for the first time, the new AutoIgnite Series will have more home cooks grilling with its QuickStart Auto-Ignition button and app-enabled monitoring and control. Simply fill up to four pounds of charcoal into the MiniHopper and let the grill’s smart tech do the cooking for up to five hours.

A cast iron QuickSear hopper griddle plate, bottom storage and an easy clean up system with fully removable components will make grilling accessible to all. For those looking for the convenience of gas grilling with the flavor of charcoal, this design opens the category up for home cooks at all levels.


Masterbuilt Gravity Series XT ($1,499; Available April 2024 at The largest and most advanced Masterbuilt to date, this 1,260 square inch (0.81 square meters) grill and smoker uses Wi-Fi and digital fan control to perfectly manage the GravityFed Hopper, which can fuel up to 24 hours of controlled grill time. The advanced control panel now features graphing and alerts, and the fuel saving hopper provides more heat and moisture retention to deliver a 33-percent longer burn time than any other Gravity Series grill.

The extra tough (“XT”) construction, includes strengthened areas such as a fiberglass mesh gasket, a U shaped manifold to minimize flare-ups, an easy clean-up grease tray and four full-body stainless-steel warming racks to maximize every inch of cooking space.

Kamado Joe

Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe announce new connected grills and smokers

Kamado Joe Konnected Joe ($1,699; Available Now at Home Depot nationally): Introduced less than a year ago, the Konnected Joe is a first-of-its-kind digitally connected ceramic grill that blends all the benefits of traditional ceramic cooking with modern technology, while solving the common frustration points of lighting and temperature control. The digital controls and convenient app-enabled features help grillers experience the benefits of Kamado cooking with greater ease of use in lighting the charcoal and maintaining the desired grill temperature.

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