Rumors indicate the Nintendo Switch 2 will be digital and physically backward compatible


Nintendo Switch 2 might be just around the corner, and there are a few rumors buzzing about the back rooms of the internet. The Nintendo Switch 2 hardware might feature digital and physical backward compatibility, good news for users wanting to keep using their old content.

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According to WCCTech, the “usually well-informed” Necro Felipe Lima from the Portuguese outlet Universo Nintendo, says their source on this is based on information from Nintendo content creator and journalist PH Brazil.

WCCTech goes on to say, The creator said as much during his most recent podcast on Spotify. “PH Brazil is currently a content creator and also a games journalist who has already brought a lot of information about Nintendo’s or partners’ movements in advance and with precision in the past”, Felipe writes (translated). “Taking its history into account, there is a high chance that this information will become fact when the console is announced.”

“On the ResetEra forums, known insider ‘NateTheHate’ backed the Switch 2’s backward compatibility feature, and added that testing is currently underway. As for the enhancements of current Switch games, the insider said it’s currently unknown to what extent games will be enhanced on the Switch 2.”

As with all rumors, none of this is confirmed, so you may or may not see it come to pass. In our experience, rumors are typically never one-hundred percent accurate, there is always some truth mixed with heavy speculation. You can read more about this story on WCCTech‘s website here.

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The feature image is NOT the new Nintendo Switch 2, it is an AI-generated image with credit to Midjourney and user nimm99jd.

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