AI-generated voices will be restricted by the FCC for robocalls


Robocalls are some of the worst things you can see come up on your mobile phone. Most of them are annoying sales pitches, or outright scams. But these days, with AI-generated everything, robocalls have the potential to become more of a problem than they already are.

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AI-generated voices are a real thing, and AI-generated voices can be made effortlessly. Spend any time on YouTube Shorts and you can find ads showing celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Oprah, hocking federal tax relief and other scams. These YouTube Shorts use AI-generated voices to try to convince you that these celebrities actually endorse the product shown.

Using this method over the phone is far more effective because you don’t have the visual to help your brain discern that it is fake. According to PC Mag, the FCC has confirmed that AI-generated voice calls can “break an existing US law from 1991 that was designed to protect consumers from pre-recorded automated calls.”

FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel said, “The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is the primary law we have to help limit unwanted robocalls. It means that AI tech like voice cloning falls within this law’s existing prohibitions and that calls that use this technology to simulate a human voice are illegal, unless callers have obtained prior express consent.”

According to PC Mag, the FCC’s rule may stop unwanted and spammy robocalls, but it will also affect legit companies that use “AI agents” for certain phone calls. The companies using this technology will then need to receive permission from users before using the technology for their phone calls.

Our AI world is getting wild and soon we may not know what is real and what is not real.

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