Forty-eight states sue Avid Telecom over robocalls


Robocalls are the worst, and it seems like they are getting worse and more frequent than ever. Before we dive into the story, our Editor’s Choice for the best app that blocks robocalls is, Robokiller. Companies that engage in robocalls are a pain in everyone’s butt. Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia have recognized this and are suing Avid Telecom over billions of robocalls they made.

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While it would be fantastic if Avid Telecom were being sued for robocalls in general, they are being sued for more than 7.5 billion robocalls made to numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. The state attorneys general included the owner and Vice President of Avid Telecom in the suit, and the company was notified of violations 320 times before the lawsuit was filed.

Robocalls suck, and now we have to worry about Robotexts.

“Defendants chose profit over running a business that conforms to state and federal law,” the lawsuit alleged. “Defendants could have chosen to implement effective and meaningful procedures to prevent—or even significantly mitigate—the perpetration of illegal behavior onto and across Avid Telecom’s network but chose not to do so,” the lawsuit said.

Neil Ende, Avid Telecom’s outside legal counsel, said the company was disappointed that the attorneys general didn’t communicate their concerns directly before filing the lawsuit.

“While the company always prefers to work with regulators and law enforcement to address issues of concern, as necessary, the company will defend itself vigorously and vindicate its rights and reputation through the legal process,” Ende said.

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The lawsuit was filed in an Arizona US District Court where nearly 197 million of the alleged robocalls were made to Arizona numbers from 2018 to 2023. The lawsuit claims that robocalls are one of the most common methods scammers use to target victims. “The company allegedly helped make hundreds of millions of calls using spoofed or invalid caller ID numbers, the attorneys general alleged. More than 8.4 million calls appeared partly to be coming from government and law enforcement agencies.”

Read more about the Avid Telecom lawsuit over at CBS News.

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