Apple will remove the display from the iPhone 16, promoting its new iBlind eXperience


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In an inexplicable move, Apple, arguably one of the leaders in smartphone innovation, has decided to go with a bold new iPhone 16 design. In 2024 Apple plans on throwing caution to the wind and common sense in the garbage with its latest innovation. Prepare yourselves for a new iPhone era with the iPhone 16 iBlind eXperience. The image above is an artist’s rendering.

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Imagine this; you are an avid iPhone user, endlessly scrolling through your social media feeds, watching cat videos, and swiping through dating apps. Now, the geniuses at Apple have decided that your 6.8” Retina display is old hat. Why does the iPhone even need a display? Isn’t it time to emphasize the PHONE part of the iPhone?

The Apple iPhone 16 will be part of Apple’s iBlind eXperience, and the company says it is the pinnacle of its minimalistic design. This new 2024 iPhone will be like staring at a brick wall, delivering hours of enjoyment to every iPhone 16 user.

Gone are the days of straining your eyes on those bright 1,000-nit screens, wondering whether your device will turn you into a mole person. Apple has mercifully taken away the burden, leaving you with the freedom to experience the world of touch and swipe in pure darkness!

An iPhone with no display may seem like a negative to some, but Apple says that this is a leap into the future of smartphones. An Apple spokesperson said, “Think of it as your opportunity for personal growth. Who needs visual feedback when you can let your imagination run wild?”

Naturally, Apple enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement over what they call Apple’s latest “groundbreaking development.” The #iBlindeXperience has already sparked a new wave of social media challenges, with some users tearing out their iPhone 14 displays and replacing them with aluminum from soda cans. Forget about texting and driving; now we can blindly stumble and tweet!

Apple will remove the display from the iPhone 16, promoting its new iBlind eXperience
Purchasing the $2,999 Apple Reality Pro will restore the display on your iPhone 16.

One of Apple’s goals with the new iPhone 16 iBlind eXperience is to stir the creative juices of the human mind. Imagine what you can see on your new screenless iPhone, anything your mind can conjure.

Not everyone is ready to embrace this new experience, though. Many critics argue that removing the display from a phone is like removing the batteries from a Tesla. Sure, it might be innovative in some twisted way, but it renders the whole thing rather useless. Others worry that we’ll soon be bombarded with iBlind-related injuries—people walking into lampposts, falling into fountains, or accidentally sitting on porcupines because they couldn’t see what was in front of them.

But Apple does have a solution for those not completely ready to embrace the iPhone 16 iBlind eXperience; if you purchase the company’s first VR/AR headset, dubbed Reality Pro, you can restore your display wirelessly from the iPhone to Reality Pro. Now you can Tweet and swipe to your heart’s content. The new iPhone 16 will see a significant price drop, starting at $199 for the 6” version and $499 for the 6.8” version. If you want to restore display functionality, you’ll need to purchase the Reality Pro, which is expected to be priced at $2,999.

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This article is purely satire and should not be taken seriously.

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