AI-made image of an explosion at the Pentagon fools the market

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AI-made images are getting better by the second. As AIs such as Midjourney continue to learn from the input given to them, the results become more realistic. We even use Midjourney to make some of our featured images for some of our articles. But things are getting very real and a bit concerning as an AI-made image of an explosion at the Pentagon managed to fool many people.

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The Pentagon is one of America’s most secure locations, and hearing about an explosion at the facility brings back memories of 9/11. We’re not going to show the AI-made image here, but it did send a buzz through the internet and made markets take a slight dip before confirmation that the image was fake.

Many are raising concerns over AI-made images and AI in general. We already know that Elon Musk and other tech leaders have asked companies like OpenAI, Google, and Meta to pause development to assess the impact on humanity.

Some also believe that these very AI programs are developing sentience. At a time when fake news is already an ongoing issue, fake images, fake video, and fake audio is just complicating things. While many can spot the obvious clues that AI leaves behind, most of the populace is ignorant of such things and could easily be fooled.

An image appearing to show a massive cloud of smoke near a building and claims that there had been an explosion near the Pentagon started circulating on Twitter early Monday.

But the image and associated claims were fake, the Arlington Police Department said.

The photo was spread by dozens of accounts on social media, including RT, a Russian state-media Twitter account with more than 3 million followers — but the post has since been deleted.


I can only imagine how much more interesting things will get going forward. In the meantime, enjoy this AI-made image of Tom Hanks smoking on the beach.

AI-made image of an explosion at the Pentagon fools the market
AI-made images are only getting better.

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