The United Kingdom set to follow France and Italy in banning phones in schools


Thanks to the internet, mobile devices, and service providers, our societies have become more connected than ever. Some may argue that while we’ve become more globally connected, our interpersonal real life connections have suffered. Mobile phones have become the norm for even the youngest of humans, though, and some countries are seeing this as a problem. The United Kingdom may soon follow France in Italy in banning mobile phones in schools.

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Mobile phone and social media addiction is a very real thing, and it can distract from a plethora of things, school being one of them. So the United Kingdom is taking steps to ban mobile phones from being used in school so as not to distract students from learning. France and Italy already deny students mobile phones in the classroom, so this isn’t a new thing.

As reported by Engadget; “This is about achieving clarity and consistency in practice, backing headteachers and leaders and giving staff confidence to act,” Gillian Keegan, the UK’s secretary of state for education, said in a release. “Today’s children are growing up in an increasingly complex world, living their lives on and offline. This presents many exciting opportunities – but also challenges. By prohibiting mobile phones, schools can create safe and calm environments free from distraction, so all pupils can receive the education they deserve.”

There are several options to get to where the United Kingdom wants to get and it seems those options are being discussed. Engadget believes an outright ban of mobile phones is extreme, but there are options of turning in your mobile before classes start, or having students keep mobiles locked in their school lockers. Finally, the last option is to allow students to keep phones on their person but they must be turned off.

It’s an interesting debate. What are your thoughts on banning mobile devices in schools? Good idea? Is the United Kingdom approaching it correctly? Please share your thoughts on your favorite social media site and tag us on Facebook, X, MeWe, and LinkedIn. Or join our Telegram channel here.

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