Breaking free from Google. Is it even possible?

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In the age of digital dominance, Google has become synonymous with web search. However, as concerns about privacy, censorship, and the monopoly of information grow, many users are investigating how to make Google less relevant in their lives. In this article, we’ll explore how to remove Google’s hold on your web search, regain privacy, and create a new personal search ecosystem.

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Note: This article far from being comprehensive but I felt the need to write something short on the subject inspired by an article I read yesterday. Written by Giselle Navarro from HouseFresh. Her piece entitled, How Google is killing independent sites like ours, hit home because it is precisely what we are feeling here. Google is killing independent websites like Techaeris and our followers should know that.

Alex Hernandez — Founder and Editor-in-Chief

One word of warning though, this is far harder than you would expect. There are numerous things you will have to give up and conveniences you may have to go without to purge Google from your life and reclaim your privacy.

Another word of warning, even if you shed the big G off, you may have to contend with other big tech brands and even small apps and services that are going to want to encroach on your privacy. I wrote another piece last year called, The problem of convenience: Why consumers always choose convenience over privacy, many users simply cannot give up the conveniences offered by services that Google and other big tech giants offer. Getting over that hurdle is half the battle, let’s jump into this article, shall we?

The Google Beast

Google pay cuts Breaking free from Google. Is it even possible?

This article could go on for ages due to the sheer vastness of the information on this topic. I know we’re in the age of short attention spans and TikTok videos, so I tried to keep this truncated down to some key points. Given that this is a short article, you will have to flesh out the points and investigate for yourself each one. That is part of your due diligence in breaking from Google.

Key Points

  1. Understand the Problem — Google’s vast influence on the web is undeniable. It has shaped the way we access information, and its algorithms often dictate what we see and what we don’t. Google’s algorithms also dictate which websites are pushed to the top and which are not. Techaeris is not prioritized by Google, as they prefer to promote their media partners over independent media. This centralization of power has led to concerns about censorship, privacy, and the manipulation of information.
  2. Diversify Your Search Engines — One way to reduce Google’s influence is to use alternative search engines. DuckDuckGo, for example, offers a privacy-focused alternative to Google Search, ensuring your online activities are not tracked. Another option is Ecosia, which uses the profits from search ads to plant trees. These are just a few options, there are more, but you should understand that even these alternatives borrow or sometimes directly use Google’s method or algorithms. But, by diversifying your search engines, you can reduce your reliance on Google and contribute to a more diverse and competitive search ecosystem.
  3. Support Open-Source and Decentralized Projects — Open-source and decentralized projects are key to breaking Google’s hold on web search. Projects like Searx, a self-hosted, open-source metasearch engine, and YaCy, a peer-to-peer search engine, offer alternatives to the centralized search model. By supporting these projects, you can help create a more open and diverse search ecosystem.
  4. Be Wary of “Free” Services — Google’s services are often free, but as the saying goes, “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.” Be wary of free services that collect and monetize your data. Instead, consider using paid services that prioritize privacy and security, such as ProtonMail for email or Brave for web browsing.
  5. Educate Yourself and Others — Finally, one of the most powerful ways to break Google’s hold on web search is to educate yourself and others about the issues at stake. Share your knowledge with friends and family, and encourage them to explore alternative search engines and services. By raising awareness, we can collectively work towards a more diverse and privacy-focused search ecosystem.


Breaking free from Google’s grip on your web search is a challenging task, but it’s not impossible. By diversifying your search engines, supporting open-source and decentralized projects, being wary of “free” services, and educating yourself and others, you can help create a new search ecosystem that prioritizes privacy, security, and diversity.

But no real change will be seen if the majority remain complacent and satisfied with convenience. My fear is, that the majority really aren’t concerned about privacy and who has their personal details. Until that majority opens their eyes, Google is one beast that will be difficult to be rid of.

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