Dell’s 2024 XPS laptops are now available for purchase


Introduced at CES 2024, the new 2024 XPS laptops take a minimalistic design approach and introduce two new sizes, 16” and 14”. Making the AI PC a reality, 2024 XPS laptops come with neural processing units (NPUs) or AI acceleration built into the device — thanks to Intel Core Ultra processors that provide better performance and longer battery life. And the portfolio is also equipped with Copilot in Windows 11 to accelerate tasks and enhance productivity – all at the touch of a button.

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2024 XPS Laptops

XPS 16

Dell's 2024 XPS laptops are now available for purchase

Dell pioneered the art of engineering narrow bezels to minimize the device’s footprint and maximize screen size. Now you can say hello to our new immersive 16- and 14-inch screens. The new XPS 16 and XPS 14 bring more portability to our XPS laptops and place the focus on performance and design.

The XPS 16 is the front-runner of the portfolio, with supercharged performance for complex workloads. Featuring the latest Intel Core Ultra processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (up to the GeForce RTX 4070 GPU), the XPS 16 is our most powerful XPS laptop, with up to 80W of sustained performance. Whether editing videos or testing the latest AI software, it’s ideal for those running demanding apps, providing a smooth and fast experience.

XPS 14

Dell's 2024 XPS laptops are now available for purchase

Combining performance, design and portability, the XPS 14 is a great option for those who need the freedom of working from anywhere. The XPS 14 is 21% lighter than the XPS 16 2 but still delivers powerful performance to complete challenging tasks with ease. With optional NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs (up to the GeForce RTX 4050 GPU), you can edit and play high-resolution videos effortlessly. And with long battery life, it’s a refined laptop made to move with you.

Both XPS 16 and XPS 14 are NVIDIA Studio-validated systems, 3 meaning they deliver industry-leading performance for demanding creative tasks such as 3D rendering, video editing and live-streaming. They offer exclusive access to the Studio AI-powered suite of tools and enhanced stability with NVIDIA Studio Drivers.

XPS 13

Dell XPS 13 CES 2024

XPS 13 started our design revolution and set our vision of the future with its iconic design. Starting at just 2.6 pounds (ca. 1,179 g), it’s our thinnest and lightest XPS, so you can carry the device wherever you’re headed. The renewed laptop has three new display options to choose from (including FHD+, QHD+ touch and 3K+ OLED touch) to provide you with a versatile visual experience, suitable for everyday productivity to high-resolution content creation. The XPS 13 is the ideal multitasking machine to balance school, work, personal projects or entertainment.

Pricing and Availability

  • XPS 13, starting at $1,299 (US) and $1,749 (CA), available now.
  • XPS 14, starting at $1,699 (US) and $2,299 (CA), available now.
  • XPS 16, starting at $1,899 (US) and $2,549 (CA), available now.

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