EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey

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The EGO brand of battery-operated equipment started in 1993. They hit the US in 2012 and are arguably the #1 rated battery power equipment brand in the U.S. You can’t walk into a Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, or other retailer that sells lawn and garden equipment and not see at least one product from the company. They offer a wide range of products including lawnmowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and even snow blowers. Like the EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower.

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We were lucky enough to be offered the chance to give their newest line of snow blowers a whirl and see what we think of them. In this case, the EGO Power+ 24 in Self-Propelled 2 Stage XP snow blower. There are two models of the Power+ 24-inch, the SNT2416 and the SNT2410. The only difference between them is the inclusion of two batteries and the dual port charger, which is the SNT2416 and is the model we will be reviewing.

The Quick Take

The EGO POWER+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow blower packs a lot of snow-moving power in a small package. It offers simple controls and is easily maneuverable by just about anyone. The dual 10Ah batteries offer plenty of runtime for most of the driveways and sidewalks you would find in an urban setting. Battery insertion and removal is a snap, and I find them easier to get out than on the 28-inch variant. The chute joystick locks the chute in place, making it feel more secure and less prone to accidental redirection. Although, you don’t seem to have a lot of fine-tuning in the angle or direction. The tire size and tread kept the machine moving without issue. I would still prefer the power button operation was reversed, and the long press turned it on and the short press turned it off.

Overall, if you want something quieter to operate, that can move ample amounts of snow and is easy to use, the EGO POWER+ 24 in. This Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow blower checks numerous boxes.


The Blower

  • 24-inch wide clearing area
  • 20-inch tall intake
  • Large metal auger
  • Electric chute, 200-degree rotation with deflection and capable of throwing snow up to 50′
  • 15-inch snow tires
  • 3-point height adjustment handle (ground to handle bars are as follows)
    • 32.5″ lowest
    • 34″ Middle
    • 35.5″ Highest
  • Heated handle grips
  • Multi-speed forward and reverse throttle lever
  • Multi-Speed auger throttle lever
  • LED lights
  • Trigger-controlled steering assist
  • IPX4- rated weather resistance (Repels splashing water, from any angle)
  • Weight: 146.6 lbs w/o the batteries
  • Adjustable Skid Plates
  • Clears a 24 car driveway with 8-inches of snow on a single charge with both batteries installed

The Batteries

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 12
  • 2 × 10.0Ah ARC Lithium batteries
  • Capacity: 560Wh
  • Weight: 7.4lbs each
  • 20% increment light system for visual charge
  • Shock-Resistant
  • Built-in intelligent power management

The Dual Port Charger

  • Dual-Port charger (CH2800D)
  • 2 × 280W Charging Ports
  • Compatible with all EGO POWER+ 56v batteries from 2.5Ah — 12Ah
  • Fan-cooled for overheating protection
  • Will charge the 10.0Ah batteries from zero to 100% in 160 minutes (2.66 hours)

What’s in the Box

  • The EGO Power+ 24 In. snow blower
  • Two individually boxed 10Ah batteries
  • Dual port charging station (CH2800D)
  • A hard plastic snow removal tool
  • A bag with 5 bolts and 5 knobs
  • Instruction manual and warranty information

There is some assembly required to get the machine ready to plow. You will need to attach the handles using 4 bolts and 4 knobs, and also the chute with 1 bolt and 1 knob. There are no tools required to put it together.


Ego24front 1
EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 13

The overall look of the snow blower will resemble every other one on the market, however, EGO’s green, black, and grey color scheme is easily recognizable. The easily recognizable green that EGO uses is accented nicely around the machine and isn’t overly obnoxious.

A large array of LED lights easily illuminates your way with 2 different settings. You get 2 rows of LED lights just below the control center, along with another dual set just above the deck. You have the option of running them all, or just the deck lights. They offer ample lighting in the dark for you to be safely seen and to see while clearing the snow.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 14

The top control center is laid out in a way that makes sense. The left handle puts the machine in motion as it is self-propelled. The next lever adjusts your speed and whether you will be going forward or reverse. Then you have the button for the lights, followed by the large power button and then the hand warmer button. The lever on the right is the auger speed control lever, and the handle on the right turns the augur on. That handle also has a safety lever that you must pull in before you can depress the handle and put the auger in motion. You’ll notice two small black triggers under the handles, too. Those two triggers help you steer the machine. Pull the right trigger to turn right and pull the left trigger to turn left.

A side note that, I felt, was important to share a little more about is the levers for the drive and auger. They are long and easy to grip with and without gloves. Adjusting them forward or backward produces an audible click that is also physically felt with the bare hands. On the drive side, there is an added tension between forward and reverse and back. My only concern is the design of their attachment. If you look closely, you can see the top is connected via one single black bolt. It does have some slight play to it. I don’t feel like they will break easily, but seems like they are a weak point.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 15

In front of those controls is the 2-in-1 chute joystick with a locking switch. Pull the top switch back and move the joystick to the left and right to spin the chute in that direction. It rotates a full 200 degrees. To angle the deflector, you simply push the joystick forward or pull it backward. The locking positions of the chute work as they should, but they do have some noticeable gaps. By that, I mean the place I may want the chute or deflector wasn’t always what I was able to achieve.

At the base of the handles is where you find your battery compartment. The green-tinted clear plastic lid requires a little bit of pulling to open it. The 24-inch blowers’ peak performance is, using a pair of 10Ah batteries. However, it does state it can run on their 5.0Ah batteries and any size between 5 and 12. Using smaller batteries or a single battery will change your run times. When in use, the battery charge indicators located around the power button on the batteries glow through the plastic and look cool at night, and also make it easy to glance down and see an approximation of power levels. The battery release is slightly different from the 28-inch variant that uses a push button release. The 24-inch uses more of a lever release. You pull the green tab inwards to release the battery, and they pop up to be grabbed.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 16

Coming to the business end, you find your 24-inch wide deck. The auger measures 22-inches wide and 12-inches tall. You will also find two breakaway shear pins. Two replacement shear pins are mounted on the chute should you need them. EGO gives you a nice little snow removal tool that conveniently mounts to the top of the deck so you can easily clear the deck or the chute.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 17


The snow took its sweet time getting to Oregon this year, but when it did, I got various snow to play in. The first snowfall was about 6.5 inches or so deep in most areas. It was 0 degrees out with a -17-degree wind chill, and the snow was super fine and light. There was so little moisture that you couldn’t even pack a snowball. The EGO had zero issues throwing that snow all over the neighborhood. I, on the other hand, couldn’t feel my face in 5 minutes. I ran it through streets and cleared some sidewalks before I decided warmth was more important.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 18

The following day our weather shifted, and it rained, turning all the light fluffy powder into a slushy mess. The 24-inch blower moved it wherever I directed it without much hesitation. You could hear it was working a little harder, and I did need to get the chute angle set at an angle that kept it moving out. It also seemed to move easier than the 28-inch variant through the same conditions.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 19

When the second storm rolled through, I dedicated a full charge to the neighborhood to see what I could knock out. The second storm produced slightly heavier snow that was more compactible, but not super heavy. I put the machine at 2 clicks up from low for walking speed and the auger at about half speed. I turned on the lights and ran the hand warmers too. Likewise, I ran it for a solid 35 minutes before it died. In that amount of time I cleared roughly 0.6 miles of sidewalk, or 3,168 feet, and my neighbor’s 2 car driveway. The last few passes had me flashing red lights on the batteries. I am sure had I made speed adjustments, turned the augur down, turned off lights and hand warmers, I could have probably pushed 45 minutes.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower Review: Right size, slightly pricey 20

Extra Performance Bits

The variable speed on the drive side of the blower is quite impressive. In my tests, I went from the slowest setting to the fastest. The top speed is a brisk walk and not the one I’d recommend while in use to clear snow. While I cleared quite a bit of the powdery snow at full speed, I didn’t feel as though I was in total control of the machine and found myself almost chasing it down the road. Staying in the bottom two speeds seems to be the sweet spot for my short legs, I am 5 foot 8 inched. Those of you who are not vertically challenged would be more apt for a faster speed. I did need to increase the drive speed going up the incline in my driveway and across the grass that you can see in the image above.


This particular EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower model, the SNT2416 comes with dual batteries and charger, and is running at $1,799 at Lowe’s ACE, and most other retailers where these are sold. Similar-sized gas blowers are in the $999 — $1349 range. That makes the EGO a little more expensive upfront, but you do save on gas, both for the snow blower and for your vehicle to go get it. That also saves you from having to travel through potentially bad weather as well. Storage of the EGO is also a bit easier since there is no gas tank or gas properly can to store. Maintenance is pretty straightforward too. Just make sure your bolts are tight, tires are inflated, and that it is dry before storage. That makes it pretty straightforward and less intimidating for the less mechanically inclined or those aren’t thrilled for the odor of gas in the garage or shed.

From a parent’s standpoint, I feel like the EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage XP Snow Blower is a safer bet for my 13-year-old to use than a gas blower. When it snows, he can easily put two batteries in the compartment and roll it out of the garage with ease. I don’t have to worry about him spilling gas trying to top off the tank or trying to start an engine. He was even eager to go out and plow when it snowed. For added validation, I walked down my block to visit the neighbors out shoveling. I asked them to give it a run with no instructions. None of them currently have snow blowers of any variety. Two of them cleared out their driveways and the sidewalks in front of their houses. Both of their husbands came down that afternoon to check it out and were impressed with the machine too.

Those of you with batteries for your mower, weed eater, or other summer products can use them for the snow blower as well. If you purchase the SNT2410 variant, then you will get just the blower with no batteries. The retail price for that one is currently $1,199 at Lowe’s. Just remember the rated run time is targeted at two 10Ah batteries and can change dramatically based on the Ah battery you use and the conditions.

Your price/value will come down to where you live and how much snow you see. We get 6 inches or so of snow every few weeks for a couple of months every year. Certainly, some storms bring in much more and some years I see none. While my driveway is small, it was so much nicer to clear it in a few minutes and save my back. I do think the 24-inch variant is the model to look at for neighborhood settings like mine.

EGO Power+ 24 in. Self-Propelled 2-Stage Snow Blower








Ease of Use


Battery Life


Nailed it

  • Easy to use
  • No tool assembly
  • Ample lighting
  • Heated hand warmers
  • Moves snow well
  • Great feature set

Needs work

  • Throttle and Auger lever connection point could be a weak point
  • Might be pricey for some

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Last Updated on March 13, 2024.


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